Official Piecemaker Thread (if even needed)

2년 전

I see the "unofficial" version already posted here (which is probably de facto official within the community anyway, idk); thought I'd do the same for the "official" version.

Not even sure if this is useful anymore.


I don't remember if I have documented my previous change, so I'll do it here again anyways:

  • Changed ability symbol font. The font was an unnameable font stolen from somewhere, and this time I found a sorta-open font (KreativeSquare), which is hopefully legal (I've also included the license in the repository but who cares)


This font includes quite an amount of private characters, which might be useful for pretendpiecing as well. You can check here for the characters they support.

They are not necessarily centered (I've overridden a few) or fine-tuned, but I have modified the code (mainly alignment) a bit to make sure that they transition smoothly from the previous version.

Oh, and

  • Updated descriptions to 0.54, added legacy abilities.

Hope I didn't miss some description changes. Do tell if there is.

There are not much plans to modify the site further for now (maybe incorporate the line drawing tools back, idk). I'll see if people are still interested in the non-forked version first.

Edit: Seems like the the two superior forked versions have the above changes since long anyway. welp.

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Hey there,

I actually recently finished working on a version of the piecemaker with a unit gallery with a bunch of previous versions of the game, a random pretend piece generator, style changes, and some other additions like being able to edit ability text right on the infopanel. The tone of the pretend-generator might be too much of a meme though.

Your piecemaker still sees a lot of use in pretendpiece tournaments, many people are not aware of the forked versions (I can tell by differing visuals).

For any official changes, the ones that stand out the most to me:

(Magic) Target unit is teleported to Ability Target. should be (Magic) Teleport unit to Ability Target.

[Pay 5] Summon Value 0 Skeleton. should be [Pay 4] Summon value 0 Skeleton.

In the piecemaker, there are a few other abilities with intentional wording changes that don't use the piece's name, presumably so that you could use it in other pieces like a different piece with GiantSlime's ability. However, there are some abilities with smaller changes: Butterfly (which was rewritten), Guardian (the word "this" instead of "This"), Enchantress (wall of text description was shortened). Maybe those don't need to be changed though, that's just a list of differences.

Also, the line-drawing tools were an easy fix, one of the functions were used with () after instead of only the function name.

I think people will be interested in further updates but expect that your changes will likely be implemented in other forks (including mine). I have a credits button in mine and don't mind if some of my changes are duplicated as well (there are 4 bugs I have fixed, not including the line draw thing).

  ·  2년 전

Cool, so the reason left to use the original piecemaker is "they don't know the forked version", alright....

I've thought of doing the library thing, but I figured it would be better as a separate page. Considering I already forgot 90% of the code, I probably will have to reread (or even rewrite) them all first...

I've fixed the wording changes you pointed out (the this/This thing too because I don't really remember the reason to write "this") now.

FYI to anyone that didn't know,
a kinda hidden feature are these unit glyphs for move icons:

These are used as U+EC## and alternative U+EA## versions.

I think the glyphs are really cool and this new KreativeSquare thing you linked to has similar style and a ton of options. For anyone reading that didn't view the link, at a glance I would approximate ~5000 options here, and when considering that you can stack 2 of them onto the same symbol the actual number reaches into the millions from this alone.

Also the new symbols can be combined with the 2 glyph sets:

  ·  2년 전

Aw you spoiled my secret

Now I actually have to make the glyph for the new piece...

(Btw, there are some glyphs in E9XX as well, which are mostly glyphs for specific abilities like Soulkeeper, and alternative alternative glyphs that I included just for fun)

UPLE has been changed to use the KreativeSquare font as well.

Edit: Same with the new ACB abilities.

  ·  2년 전

I noticed. Tbf the font change is sth i've done around a year ago so it wouldn't be surprising to see the changes incorporated into the forked versions already.

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