Random Thread #5: Weird Paladins

2년 전

Here are four weird paladins. This is a low-effort Random Thread but at least it should mean something.

Weird Paladin A is a dragon with Omni Swap as the paladin line move. If you think this costs 10 then you are probably awetalehu.

Weird Paladin B has ranged destroy, very useful but more like chastity.

Weird Paladin C is awkward to move but should be super powerful and unbound.

Weird Paladin D is a paladin trying to angel, it kinda looks like a cross moveset-wise.

IMO I'd use D or A if all were valued the same if all were valued the same.

PieceMaker-Weird Paladin A.png

The first four people to give feedback on these units and cost these units will be awarded 20 RP.

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  ·  2년 전

You'd use A just because it has hiroshimas isn't it

without much thinking: 15/12/15/19

A looks quite close to a Dragon0, but with horizontal hiroshimas instead of actual moves. Costed like Dragon0. 14 or 15.

B feels like Chastity+, like you said, but more dangerous depends on how you use it. In the worse case it may even be a super-safe pin on the enemy's home rank. Costed as Chastity+ + 4. (Honestly idk)

C and D reaches another level of potential brokenness, namely the 3-leaper unblockable + the horizontal unblockable movement. Beacon + C or Summoner/Portal + D can make a potential paladin-proof 2-turn check(mate).

Putting that aside, C and D looks like 2 different ways to make a weird ninja + weird paladin. However, the long back swap in D may cause even more trouble comboing with eg B or promoting minions, along with the generally safe attack range, will be ranked higher. C would be around 14-16 and D would be around 18-21.

Overall BCD is harder to estimate because it has a potentially gamebreaking setup but I don't know how hard it is to counter them (given how i'm just a player with rating above 3), and A is just HiroshimaDragon. Like Dragon but with udon on top of it.


sorry for the long wait, forgot Steemit existed.

+20 RP

Given that Dragon0 is already slightly overcosted imo, and Horizontal omniswap doesn't seem to be very useful I'd cost A at 14.
If B gets into position it can in theory create free kills, but therefore you need to avoid it getting attacked first and that's not too easy. It's a bit more mobile than Paladin0.
On the other hand it can't fulfill Paladins defensive swap task. Its destroy also isn't (Unblockable), so it can't make the typical horizontal Paladin multi forks.
Overall B is better than Paladin0, but worse than Paladin+, I'd cost it at 11.
C has mobility and attack power between Paladin0 and +, but it shares the (Unblockable) Attack squares with Ninja, in difference to Ninja it hasn't King coverage tho.
It has to be noted in that context, that Ninja already is a very overcosted piece in CEO, while it covers more important squares than C.
C is much better at giving repetitive checks than Any tier of Ninja tho, once it gave its first usually avoidable check.
I'd cost C at 13 and think it would still be on the weak side.
D is Paladin+ with gimmick backwards swap/mobility/attack and range3 Attack forwards. Also its forward squares are all (Unblockable) swaps.
Yet again it's quite good at repetitive checks once it gets to check.
It's also a straight up better version of Paladin+ and it can also easily compete with Paladin+++.
So I'd cost D at 16.


If B gets into position it can in theory create free kills, but therefore you need to avoid it getting attacked first and that's not too easy. It's a bit more mobile than Paladin0.

More mobile? It can't move sideways, only do its ranged attack, so it is far less mobile than Paladin0.


Hmm well I guess that's straight up wrong how I phrased it.
What I mean is that it has more important mobility than Paladin0, side mobility is less important than the King forward mobility.
In practice this should lead into this piece being easier to be maneuved into a better position for itself than Paladin0 in a useful way.


sorry for the long wait, forgot Steemit existed.

+20 RP

As a grandmaster who uses Paladin++ in his army, I should be able to give a good feedback. I think Paladin is great in defense, because it supports every single champion in your army from the begining. It is surprisingly good in offence in late game. Give it some turns and you might attack the enemy king while devastating the rest of its army.

Unfortunately, I can't really compare this with actual price and moveset of units now, since the game won't load, so take these suggestions only as tips.

A lost it's ability to attack from distance, but it should be suprisingly good with it's teleport+unblockable attack combo. I'd agree with rxu on giving it the cost of 15. Yet, I'd rather use my Paladin++.

B has the worst moveset of all, but it's ranged attack can't be blocked - which sounds great, but I can't really see this piece in battle. I'd agree with e3gewinnt on giving it a cost of 11. You might make it more powerfull by improving it's moveset.

C is interesting, I would definitely give it a try. I'd expect surprising unblockable attacks from this unit. It has good moveset, but it is very fragile with its little defense, especially against close enemies. I'd give it price 15 or so. I would like to see how this unit works with armor - might easily surprise enemy king if the player does not pay attention. That would greatly improve it's price.

D did not seem interesting to me at first, but I'd like to see this in battle. It might be too easy to predict it's moves, but I can see it's potential in always being able to come back and save your king, even swap with another unit or easily promote your minions! (with no support, though) I'd need to see this in battle to see how it works and to give it a fair price, but I can see it somewhere between 16-20.


what is your kongregate name? I can't seem to send RP to you.