[Bounty] CEO - Abusing Nullmage

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I'm offering a bounty of 22 RP to the first person who is able to make an army capable of beating another player using nullmages [Does not count against AI]

Example army

Rules: To claim a reward you must use at least one nullmage of any tier within your army, however beyond that no other pieces are required to be used. In addition to this though, nullmage must also be used within said army as well, rather then just in it. It can either be used in order to remove blocking from a enemy piece in a way that significantly influences the game, or it can be used to lower opponent morale by a substainal amount (at least 20-30 morale). All in all, nullmage must be a main component of the army created.

In addition to this 3 screenshots of the game must be provided. One at the start of the game, One where nullmage is used at a critical moment of your choosing, and one right before the game ends, all of which must include the chat.

Also in order to claim the RP bounty you can't get the other player to let you win.

Id offer more RP but I don't have more sry.

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Replay Code:

starting position:

Some point where nullmage is useful, watch the replay it is good the whole way through:


This army should be quite strong, it is very stally and boring though. Nullmage is great for prodding at the opponent and can slowly get a morale advantage/open lines for vampire. Then once you have a morale advantage you can summon whatever skeletons you need to keep material equal, and use vampire to stop opponent from ever breaking through without losing heaps more morale. In the endgame, deep in morale decay, you finish them off with some vamp captures. True degeneracy.



Still offering 10 for the next 2, if more people do it.

I'll send 10 rp to the first 3 people who qualify for this as well.


I used an army similar to Ryan's recently and got this game:


Made a blunder thanks to bad threat square UI but still won.

god damn it, I literally beat this challenge before you even posted this so of course I don't have screenshots, u suk

That game wasn't even a good showing of NullMage anyway. I nulled a Pikeman and 2 pawns, but the Pikeman that was nulled was still blocking my ability to null the g7 pikeman (or b2, don't remember if I was playing as black or white). At midgame I only won because my opponent sucked at defending the rush.

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