Everyday Victories - Life amid COVID-19

11개월 전

With tears (hers and mine) the training wheels came off her bike yesterday. After a few small crashes and some frustration (hers, mine and her mom's/my daughter), I am proud to announce: Today, my granddaughter learned to ride her bike without training wheels!

(I wanted to put her picture here, but the upload continues to fail.)

Big day for me. I'm really glad to have been fortunate enough to have seen it. Everyone in my family is either elderly, very young or have underlying (genetic) health issues. We are sequestered in our home. Thankfully, our home includes 1 acre in the middle of practically nowhere, USA. We are hoping to ride out the storm here.

My family and I hope each and every one of you are safe in these uncertain times. We hope you, too, can enjoy victories every day.


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Congrats to your granddaughter for this big achievement! Riding without training wheels is a milestone in any young person's life. I remember when mine came off. It's a great feeling! Stay safe and healthy!


Thanks, and I hope you and your family stay safe and healthy as well!


Thanks, and I hope you
And your family stay safe
And healthy as well!

                 - moondancer762

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Hey Sherry, good to see you on Steem again! Hope you and family are doing well.


So far, so good. I wish the same for you and your's.