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Hello friends how are we doing? I believe we are doing great. It is with joy in my heart and gratitude to God for all He has been doing for me, indeed he is faithful. I appreciate the effort of @xkool24 and @hisgeneral, they are wonderful people God bless them. And to you who in one way or the other been supportive, I say a very big thank you to you all.
I am so delighted to write about this topic which I captioned "Health is Wealth", the aim of writing this is to enlighten us on the need to be healthy as is will make us Wealth.

Health is the state of mind of an individual. It is the condition of being emotionally, mentally, spirituality and physically complete or well.
It can also be defined as the state of being free from disease or illness.

Health affects wide range of individual performance in the society.
When you have good health, you are likely to achieve more success because you have the capacity to do so. In other words, when you have bad health, you will only achieve little or no success. Therefore, it is important to know how to stay in good health condition.

Ways To Live Healthy

There are different ways to live healthy and they include:

  • Exercise
  • Nutrition
  • Rest
  • Smiles and laughter
  • Music
  • Sunlight
  • Staying in clean, cool and calm environment
  • Avoiding stress


Exercise is the way of keeping the body and mind physically fit. Exercing the body helps strengthen the bones and marrow and make them strong and healthy. There are alot of benefits in exercising oneself and they include:

  • Reduce cholesterol: when one engages in regular exercise or vigorous exercise, it gets to a point that the body begins to break down cholesterol stored in the body as fats. The broken fats are used as source of energy and by so doing the level of cholesterol or stored fats in the body decreases.

  • Reduces Blood Pressure: Blood pressure is a condition of health where the blood vessels have been reduced or even blocked with particles which are mostly fats. When these blood vessels have been reduced, it makes it difficult for blood to circulate other parts of the body thereby increasing the rate at which blood can flow, this results in high blood pressure.
    Through exercise, the rate or level of fat in these blood vessels are reduced and therefore making it easier for blood to flow, reducing the pressure at which blood flows.

  • Helps in Osmotic Balance: Osmotic imbalance is when the concentration of a solute is not on equilibrium with the environment. This can result to several health issues like diabetes and even kidney failure. By exercise, the concentration of solute is brought in equilibrium with the environment. How? One may ask, the sweat that is release during exercise contains some amount of solute in them. So by removing of the sweat, the concentration of the solute are reduced thereby maintaining osmotic balance in the body.

  • Prevents and controls diabetes

  • Prevents and controls obesity.

In fact, the Importance of exercise are too numerous.


Nutrition means feeding. The things you eat have a great impact to your health. Eating balance diet or complete diet is a major way of being healthy. Balance or complete diet are food which contains the whole classes of food which includes:

  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fats and oils
  • Vyitamin
  • Minerals
  • Roughages
  • Water

Foods that contains all these in equal proportions are called complete or balance diet. By watching out on what you eat will help improve your well being.

Foods You Should Avoid Eating

Foods you should avoid are:

  • Fried foods
  • Snacks
  • Jung foods
  • Foods with high fat content. E.g salads that are dressed with much cream which contains high fat content.
  • Unbalanced diet.

Foods You Should Eat

The foods you should eat always are:

  • Boiled or steamed foods
  • Raw foods which are mostly fruits.
  • Fresh or dried fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Balance diet.


Rest is a means of relaxation. You should always create time to rest even during working hours. It is important as it helps calm your nerves and put you in the right frame of mind and also energises you to do more. You should not be a workaholic or one without rest as it is dangerous to your health. Even after work find a reasonable amount of time to rest atleast 6-8 hours is acceptable.
Resting helps get rid of toxic chemicals or free radicals and makes you good and healthy.

Smiles And Laughter

Research have it that smiling releases friendly chemicals in the body. These chemicals aids in the boasting of the immune system which fights diseases.
Laughter helps one relive from stress which makes one looks beautiful and live long.


Music is an organised sound which are pleasing to the ear. Listening to music is a great way of healing from emotional trauma. Emotional trauma can be so devastating or even hazardous if not properly handled. By listening to music also relives stress and makes you happy which is a good source of good health.


Sunlight is a natural way of emitting light rays. Irrespective of the fact that sunlight helps in the manufacture of food for the consumption of man, it goes beyond that.
Sunlight especially the early sunlight which lasts between 7-9am in the morning helps to activate the vitamin D on the epithelial tissues (skin). Vitamin D is essential for strengthening of bones and prevention of osteoporosis and ticket in children.

Staying in Clean, Cool And Calm Environment

Clean environment promotes good health while a dirty environment is an agent of sickness. Keeping the environment clean keeps it free from microorganisms which are harmful to the health.
Cool and calm environment also gives room for healthy living. When you are in a noisy environments, it can lead to noise pollution which can cause stress, hypertension or even mental disorder; that is why you need a calm environment. Receiving fresh air from the environment also improves the well being of the body. As such, environmental pollution should be avoided in order to promote good health.

Avoiding Stress

Stress is a fast killer and an active agent responsible for illness. Stress is the physical and mental response of the body. It is a normality but becomes a problem when it not controlled or when there is no relaxation. Stress can lead to lots of health issues like: sadness, panic, anxiety and even depression, and much more.

How To Relief Stress

The following are the ways to relieve stress:

  • Exercise yourself
  • Stroll or take a walk when feeling stressed up.
  • Set achievable goals
  • Manage your time
  • Always take a break/ relaxation


There are some factors that can affect a person's health and they are:

  • Genetic factors
  • Nutritional factors
  • Environmental factors

Genetic Factors

Genetic are those traits that are hereditary. There are some sickness that runs in bloodline. These sickness are transferred from parents to children and keeps running from one generation to another. This is very sensitive issue and people who have a particular sickness that runs in their bloodline should be extremely careful and take all necessary measures to ensure that they are free from such sickness. A medical practitioner or specialist are very important in such situation. Examples of sickness that can be inherited are:

  • Blood pressure
  • Diabetes mellitus
  • Cancer
  • HIV/AIDS etc.

Nutritional Factors

Alot of sickness are gotten from what we eat. For instance, a person who only eat food which are mostly carbohydrates is likely to suffer obesity, diabetes etc. While a person who feeds mostly on proteinous foods is more likely to suffer a disease know as proteinuria, and even liver problem etc.
These are also applicable to other forms of food. Therefore we should maintain healthy diet by eating a balance diet so as to abstain from some sickness which can occur as a result of nutrition.

Environmental Factors

The environment plays a key role in maintaining good health. The place you live how clean and safe it is can affect your health. Alot of people have been sick because their is lack of security within their environment. The people you also relates with in your environment can either keep you safe or endangered your life. Your religion and cultural practices as well plays a role in your health.
All these stated above are the factors which can affect the well being of an individual.


In conclusion, health is head way to becoming wealthy. This is because when you you are healthy, it increases your chances of living long, you save yourself from depression, you save your money because you will spend less in pharmaceutical industry and hospitals, you will be stronger and more capable to run your business and be able to make money.
To be healthy is a precious gift anyone can ask. It makes you complete both physically, mentally, spirituality and financially. Stay healthy and be wealthy, because "Health is Wealth".


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