Silver Stacking

2개월 전

The Royal mint finally started selling the 2oz Queens Beasts completer coin in bullion, I missed out on the 1oz Silver Proof Coin completer coin last month wasn't going to miss this one so got two.

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-09 at 20.52.20.jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-09 at 20.52.19 (1).jpeg

WhatsApp Image 2021-07-09 at 20.52.19.jpeg

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Yes, this 2021 2 oz British Silver Queen’s Beast Collection Coin, is one of the most impressive coins out there. Thanks for showing John L - @lefty619.

I have yet to get this 2 oz silver. But I've already got the 1oz gold completer.

I'm currently waiting for the New Proof 2021 Flying Silver Eagles... Two more days at the U.S. Mints Product Page... One day late, may be too late...
July 18, 2021... 1.8 Hollywood Time...