A little Chocolate and Trump!

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Whats better than a Hershey's Chocolate bar? Well I can think of one thing, well maybe 2.


So in case you missed my last post, I have started Pouring silver. I hope this time goes better than last time. So far its gone pretty well.

So today, I did 3 different pours, 2 Hershey bars and a copy cat of one of @pit-bullions piece's. So I'll save all the small talk for another post and just get to the results.


Here is the 1st pour.


Silver Hershey's bar

Now here is the third pour, this is a sand cast of a pit-bullion piece. Guess which one is the original.


Well thats probably gonna be easy to pick the original but here is the backs to show you which one is Pits.


I have some molds that are being created that should be a winner with the ssg community.

So I did take a little trip to Birmingham this weekend and visted a LCS up there that a Buddy of mine works at- owns. Now he has started pouring silver as well and he has a one of a kind piece, now I personally did not think it looks exactly like who it is supposed to be.


Thats is a 3.2 ozt Donald Trump head, or supposed to be. Now I picked it up for 2 reason's. 1st. My buddy poured it and 2nd. It may be worth something one day.


So thats it for today, gonna pour some more tomorrow so make sure you check pack.


Thanks for stopping by


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Awesome, awesome first close cast pours, @raybrockman! Hehehe, peeps usually start with graphite molds. Kudos, and keep going, my friend!
Thanks for sharing your first adventure in pouring metal. Have a fantastic evening, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

Sweet, great to see another member giving pouring a try.
If I did I may accidentally burn down my house, perhaps one I will try.
Thanks for the Share @raybrockman

Nice work Ray and that trump head cracks me up. 😂😂🤣👍

Really nice pour's @raybrockman!!🤗 Are you using Mapps gas on a torch to melt the Silver???
Someday I might give this a try, it looks fun!!😀🤗

Awesome pours Ray. You can definetly send those my way.😊

If Trump becomes a new Ronald Reagan, this pour will certainly increase in value.

Nice job Ray! I need to get into the closed mold casting.

Nice work.... I really need to dust off all my old pouring stuff.
Thanks for sharing @raybrockman