Friday Night+ silver+ a torch = Good Times

2년 전

Another Night At The Bench!

It's been a few days, had to wait for some silver to come in. I did manage to find a guy who makes 3d molds. Now I picked one up to try him out and today I orderd 3 more molds from him.

The one I poured tonight was a little chunkier than I would have liked but it does have a good feel to it.


It case your trying to figure it out, its a skull in a dragons claw. I know, its a little out there but the detail is pretty good.


Now as you can see, I probably should have used some bigger rings. This is the 1st time I seen flames come out of the center of the rings. But lets see if it came out.


Not to bad at all, be right back, lets clean it up and weigh it.


Wow 3.92 ozt this thing is a chunk.


Oh look twins!!


Second pour weighed in at 3.98 (well call it 4)

Well stay tuned, got 3 more different skulls molds coming.

Stay cool and stay stacking!!!


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Thats so impressive @raybrockman, I wonder is it the temperature of the pour that is causing the flames to come out between the center of the rings??
Nice thick Silver...almost four Oz, NICE!!😀


Thanks @silvertop, the fire was probably due to the fact that the mold was so close to the side of the rings, plus it was 4 oz of 1350 degree silver🤣🤣😎🍻


Playing with fire...and molten Silver, that's a nice weekend!🤗

Way impressive, @raybrockman!!!💪🏻 it looks like you are pouring almost everyday! Can you imagine your inventory of awesome poured silver by the end of March and the tremendous experience you will have had!!! Are you using silver shots or are you melting unwanted silver and spotted coins? Keep going my friend, looking forward to having your work in my collection of the finest hand poured silver from community pourers!
Have a wonderful day and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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Thanks saver888, not sure I got anything worthy of being in your chest, but I am working on it. The 😎🍻

Dude very cool!!! Are you going to make this a business or just pouring for yourself?

You are getting pretty good at this 💪


🤔 I plan on selling, just having a hard time getting my stamps in, been waiting over a week now. So yeah, diffently going to sale some. Appreciate it buddy!


Nice... What platform are you thinking of selling on?

Steemit, Instagram, Facebook, etc... 🤔


Probably steemit and ebay.

Wicked! At 4 oz size means you should be quite proficient with most pours by now ☠ 🦜


Now, your giving me way to much credit, i would call it luck and leave it at that. 😥 thanks Kerrislravenhill

Has someone developed an obsession?? Hahahaha

You'll be melting the family silver tea-set at this rate to keep up with your addiction. I loved those pyramids, but these are by far the best quality pours you've done. You really are getting good now RB


I believe I have developed an obsession 🤑🤣. I gotta admit, right now its pretty fun. Thanks @welshstacker.

Those are really pretty and very cool! Some people play with fire and look what happens! Way to go! Thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening!


Thanks @elizabethbit, have a good weekend!😎🍻