One Pour at Time!

2년 전

It's funny when you start pouring silver, you seem to go on a hunt for what you could pour next.

So today I went toy shopping, see when most people think of pouring, they think Molds. Well I started with Sand Casting. I figured this was the hardest form of pouring, so why not get this technique down 1st.


So I found this toy today at a flee market.


Now $4.00 was well worth the piece that I wanted in this package to cast. I've seen these before but never owned one, so I figured why not make one.


The detail that sand casting picks up is insane, this pyramid came out just like the toy.


This one came in at 70 grams or 2.25 ozt. It has a nice chunky feel to it.


So there you have todays pour, stat tunned, there'll be some prices attached to every item I have poured so far.

Thanks for stopping by!

Keep stacking



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Thanks Dave!😎🍺

Fantastic detail on that pyramid. Are you going to do the guy? He'd be around 6oz?


🤔 I want to, but my casting rings are not big enough. Guess I need to get some bigger rings. Yeah the detail came out really good on the pyramid. Thanks Matt😎🍻

@raybrockman Very cool!!! I went crazy pouring my own stuff a few years ago. I bought all the clays, molds, a furnace, everything. The thing that I got wrapped around the axle about was wanting my pours to be an exact weight. I kept pouring and repouring and I very rarely got in perfect. My furnace eventually gave out and I never fixed it. Now all my stuff just sits in my shed out back and collects dust.

Maybe one day I'll dust it off and give it a go again...


Yeah, i would think it would be almost impossible to hit a even weight on casting, now pouring into molds might be a little easier. What type and style of molds do you have?


I have the regular graphite ones in all different weights and shapes. I also made my own holder to do clay pours.

I liked doing clay pours better. It seemed the silver stayed molten longer and developed better lines. No matter how much heat I had on the graphite molds the silver would harden super quick.

Dude i seriously want one....


Fella, you know I'll fix you up, Just a waiting on my stamp set to get here. 😎🍻


AWESOME Ray cant wait.👍

Awesome detail @raybrockman, can you show more photos of the process of the sand casting🤗


I will definitely do that, gonna do another pour today. Thanks silvertop

You are a natural, @raybrockman! Keep pouring ! 🥰🌺🤙


Thanks saver888 , I'm trying!😎🍻


You know that I am a hand poured silver lover, and I look forward to a first pour from you.

The detail on that pyramid has come out really well. Make a limited run of 25 and put me down for 1.

2oz is a good weight for these, big enough hold in your hand, but not too expensive to make. Looks like you've mastered this "sand casting" already 👍


You got Welshie, you know one was coming to you anyways🤑. Appreciate your support my friend! 😎🍻

Wtf Ray!? You’ve gone full retard! 😁😁🤣🤣

Awesome stuff man, I wanna’ hang out in your garage and drink all your beers! 👍


Always a cold budlight at the garage for you!😎🍻