1909 Barber Half Dollar Repousse


Repousse silver is silver (or other metal) that has a raised or relief design hammered in from the backside of the piece.

Look at my beautiful repousse silver!

Repousse Silver 1909 Barber Half Dollar

.3 oz "Lady Liberty Round"

This a 1909 Barber Coin that is hammered in...

... from the backside.

😍#ilikeitalot!!! 😍

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All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

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So awesome ....a three Dimensional silver round!!😍😍😀

That might be a bit difficult to stack, lol! Nice! Thanks for sharing sis!🌸💕🤗

A low Grade 1909 Barber Half Dollar is worth between $22 and $75... It looks very nice, but I'd have to question it's value now...
October 21, 2020... 1.2 Hollywood Time...