888 Silver Button

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Why 888

I can't remember exactly when. I think that it was when I decided to use it in my email address.

It has been mine ever since.

888 forever

My friends know me as 888. My officemates know me as 888. I think I'll be known as 888 forever.

888 is for always

And so it will be.

... always and forever.

😍#ilikeitalot!!! 😍

I hope you enjoyed this article and knowing a bit more about me, as much as I loved sharing with you.

All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

Make it an #AwesomeDay!

Thank you for stopping by to view this article.

I post an article daily, and I hope to see you again soon!

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!


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Something to cherish always my friend!!!
Take care my friend!!!😍😍😀