A Special #PirateSunday Gift Unboxing

The truest lady pirate of them all is Lady Raven,


- the original, one and only

Gothic Lolita Pirate Silver Stacker!

@kerrislravenhill and I were "baby" female stackers when we met on YT.

Back then, we considered the four other female stackers as "mothers". Maybe you know them: Silver Diva, LadyLibertyStacker, Coin Keeper and Silver Siren.

There were so few of us female stackers then, just like there are only a handful #ladiesofgs4eva here on Hive.

I received this package in the mail yesterday, right after the Silver Gold Stackers Community weekly Discord Chat. It is from my stacking sister, @kerrislravenhill!

Let's open this baby up!

Oh my! These are very special!

2019 Tuvalu 1 oz Silver Black Flag (Queen Anne's Revenge)

The first Black Flag release features one of the world's most notorious pirate ships, Queen Anne's Revenge, commanded by the infamous Blackbeard.

OMG! OMG! I have given up hope of having this coin in my collection! Thank you for parting with one of your Blag Flags, sis!

Click here to read the fantastic article written by @kerrislravenhill about this Blak Flag silver.

THANK YOU, 😘T-H-A-N-K 😘 Y-O-U😘, sis @kerrislravenhill!

My stacking sis @kerrislravenhill and I are so different in many ways, but there is one thing that we are very much alike. It is our love for the ship designs in coins.


A very special coin...

1888 1 Franc, Silver (.835)

A standard circulation coin of France 1871-1895

This will be the third dated 1888 coin added to my collection. It was @kerrislravenhill who encouraged me start to collect 1888 year-dated coins after I showed my first one. What a very thoughtful gift from my sis @kerrislravenhill.


THANK YOU, my dearest sis, @kerrislravenhill!

I will treasure these pieces forever!

If ye 'ave not done so yet, follow @kerrislravenhill.

She knows......it be all bout gentleman o' fortune silver!

Thank you for stopping by to view this article.

I post an article daily, and I hope to see you again soon!

Hugs and Kisses 🤗💕💋!!!!


@kerrislravenhill and @silversaver888 are proud member of #silvergoldstackers and the #ladiesofsgs4eva

Thank you to @thekittygirl for this banner and for including the Silver Saver Bar in this banner!

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Blackbeard's Black Flag, thats the Pirate ship of Pirate ships @silversaver888!!😀
At first glance I thought I was reading a @kerrislravenhill post....she was in style with a mask before it was " The Thing to wear" !!!
Awesome my friend, take care and have a wonderful week!!😍😍😀

I don't wear military green often especially without combat boots, maybe on St Patty's day. Silver 1888s, I'm stocking up on them too, heh heh. I am glad The Queen Anne's revenge made it to you Sis.
By the way, I hear Apmex is planning to carry the Royal Fortune soon, that's Captain 'Black Bart' Bartholomew's Pirate ship. Get on their email ALERT. None of my Canadian E-tailers are yet to plan carrying it. So I may rely on a US resident to 'smuggle' a pair for the Bloody Raven. (wink wink)

That is so awesome @silversaver888! @kerislravenhill is a sweetie to send you those!💕. I know you are going to enjoy them! Take care sis and have a lovely day!🤗🤗🤗🌸😍