S is for Saturday, Silver & Stackers

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In case you have not heard, there are many across the world

who accumulate precious metals .

The motivations why one accumulates silver or gold

differ from one person to another.

Some stack silver and gold as a hedge against an economic downturn.

Gold and silver have been a store of wealth for many centuries.

You will find many of the silver and gold stackers in the

Silver Gold Stackers Community.


#silverpornsaturday initiated by @silverd510 is open for use to anyone who wants to showcase precious metals on a Saturday!


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I too, am a stacker! Not only is it wise to do so, it's pretty and makes wonderful tinkly sounds!😇😁👍 Keep on stackin'!!


Hello, my sweet stacking sis! I know, that although there appears to be just a handful of stackers in this platform, I think that there are more people stacking who also blog here whom we have not yet met. I do know that we have more stacker friends in IG and in YouTube, and in fact, the numbers in those two social media groups have grown so much that my iphone notification is non-stop. But I can say that there are not many female stackers, and we will always be a special group of ladies.. #ladiesofsgs4eva. Stack on, my lovely sis @elizabethbit!
Have a beautiful day, stay safe, take care 🥰🌺🤙and lots of love and hugs 🤗💕💋!

That’s a whole lot of shiny there bestie. What a collection, I’m jealous🤗🥰🌹


Nah... you have as much as I do. And you know what we show is not everything that we have.... only those that are within easy reach when we hade to post something, LOL!
Take care, bestie 🥰🌺🤙, lots of hugs🤗

We protect our wealth, and stack with Silver and Gold ...sound money😀
I read that there has never been a fiat currency that hasn't eventually gone to zero.
The sad thing @silversaver888 is when you try to explain this to most people, they just smile at you.......You know THAT look!
Stack on my friend, and have a wonderful Saturday!!!😍😍😀


Silver and gold are true money in the real sense and definition of money! Silver and gold will be a store of value for ages to come, better than diamonds and other precious stones. Real estate and precious metals (but, we've got to be prudent to stack enough fiat too 😁!
Have a wonderful weekend, my friend @silverto, and take care 🥰🌺🤙


You are spot on @silversaver888!!!
I have read that man-made diamonds better than real diamonds. and many professionals cannot tell the difference.
We definitely need to hold fiat, not only for a safety net, but also if a good opportunity comes our way....
Yes precious metals and Real estate....and cash.
Have a lovely evening my friend!!😍😍😀