The Privateer Series

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Many of us were already stacking in 2015 when the first Privateer round was introduced by Elemental Mint. The Privateer 2 oz Ultra High Relief Silver Rounds have become sought after by collectors. I like the various pirate themes on the reverse side of the rounds, with the obverse side remaining the same throughout all of the 7 rounds of the series.

Shipwreck/The Storm
The Siren
The Captain
The Plank
The Kraken
The White Whale
Davey Jones' Locker
Obverse: No Prey No Pay

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All photos, gif and videos were taken by me using my iPhone6 unless specified otherwise.

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Thanks for showing the great stack, Silversaver888.

I always liked this silver coin @silversaver888, the detail on this coin, and ultra high relief...very, nice my friend!!!😍😍😀