Why Stack and Save?


After you have set aside cash for emergency reserves, it is important to save and enjoy greater security in your life.

Savings gives you peace of mind and expands your options.

It is not always that there is something substantial left after necessary payments and expenses. Some may have very little or no discretionary income at all.

Slow and steady

It is the middle of April. Have you saved at all the past 3 months?

If you have a challenge of keeping money in the bank, why not purchase one coin, and save the money that way.

Buy one coin. Any silver coin.

Next month, buy another one. And another the month after. By July, you would three silver coins.

Saving silver as a monthly expense

Saving is one of the most basic of financial advice. The importance of saving is rarely disputed. It is incredible that many of us aren’t following through on that tip.

There is another alternative. Why not buy silver every month!

It would be like automating your silver savings into another monthly expense

It will help you reduce the temptation to spend all the money without planning ahead.

It’s easier to pay yourself first when the paycheck comes in.

It is like buying to save... exchanging fiat for real value.

Each of the coins you see in the above and below photos is backed by the governments that issued them.

If you are into spending, then spend to save!

Maybe you should stack silver.


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I am not a financial adviser. This article is not meant to be financial advice. My articles on cryptos and precious metals share my personal opinion, experiences, and general information on cryptos and precious metals.
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That's why I tell my friend just start...even a small amount will add up @silversaver888😀


A little each time!


That's the best way to save and invest...every Month my friend😀


Absolutely my friend have a wonderful day😀

That's a nice little pile you got going on there


I'm everywhere...

Nice post. save money today so that money will save you tomorrow!