2020 Serbia 100 Dinar Nikola Tesla Coin- X-Ray

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I was waiting to see what the 2020 Tesla round would have on it. Turns out it is the invention of the X-Ray. Let's first have a look at the 2018 and 2019 rounds in this series.

2018 Lighting the World

This beauty showed one of his greatest inventions. The Induction Motor and the beginning of AC Power.


2019 Wireless Transmission

The 2019 coin featured his invention of Remote Control. It marked the 120th Anniversary


2020 ShadowGraph

Tesla was one of the greatest minds to ever live. The 2020 coin features his invention of the X-Ray machine. Have a look at this! (Haven't taken it out of the Apmex bag yet. LOL)

Here's some info from Apmex on this coin.

Obverse: Features an iconic image of Nikola Tesla with his hand resting against his face. Below the image is the inscription “Electrical Visionary” and “Powering The Future”. Near the outer rim of the coin is Nikola Tesla’s name in English and in Serbian Cyrillic.
Reverse: Features the Republic of Serbia coat of arms centered above along with a highly detailed image of one of Nikola Tesla’s greatest inventions: an X-ray image of a hand. Additionally each coin displays the weight, purity and Silver content along with the date and denomination.


This series has a bit of a premium. Only 50,000 of each round was produced in BU and another 3,000 in proof. I've got enough boring coins/bars for weight. These are fun to collect and have appreciated nicely so far.

Do you collect this series? Do you know of any other cool coins like this? Let me know below.

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My friend, you got the wrong text from Apmex. This one is about the 2018 round...

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Thank you very much for pointing that out @ronaldoavelino! I got it updated now. !tip


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About time NikolaTesla gets more of the recognition he deserves.
My first time seeing this series.
I'm sure he didn't invent those crazy X-Ray glasses.

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It's a pretty cool series. They only put out one coin a year so it's easy to keep up with. Do you mean these X-Ray glasses? LOL


Those three silver coins are awesome ! It is my first time to seeing any of them. Where did you find those?
Thanks for sharing, I learned something new today! Have a wonderful evening, my friend @vgholdingsllc, and take care 🥰🌺🤙

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They are over on Apmex. Then I just checked my email and saw this awesome coin.


Another I can't live without. So much for stacking weight. LOL. !tip


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A nice series to have! Thank you for sharing these. Have a lovely evening!


You are very welcome. Not many people are collecting this series that I know of. Have a good day @elizabethbit.

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