World of Dragons- The Egyptian

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This is the 6th and final coin for the World of Dragons series. This one comes to us from Egypt. It's said the Egyptian Dragon is part dragon and part serpent. He is there guarding the great pyramids.


Again I didn't take this one out of the Apmex bag yet. Here is what they have to say about it over there.

In ancient cultures, stories about heroes and monsters were an important part of everyday life. They helped people explain objects in the sky, make sense of weather events, or answer life’s big questions. Born around the fire and evolved through word of mouth, tales of these creatures and their supernatural powers were told and retold millions of times from person to person, from trade port to trade port, and from generation to generation - manifesting into a hundred different versions around the world.

The story of the dragon is no different. Dragons have been one of the world’s most popular mythological creatures through the ages, and they continue to stir our imaginations to this day. Almost every culture on earth has its own ancient dragon myth.

If you want to see the other coins in this series you can find them on my post here. World of Dragons coin 1-5.

Hopefully you enjoyed this coin and series as much as I do. Do you collect this series? Have you seen any others like it. Let me know below.

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I like dragons, like everybody, and I have many fantasy books involving dragons, but no coin/round...:=(

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That's no good. We need to get you a Dragon Coin for your stack @ronaldoavelino.

With so many different cultural accounts of dinosaur like creatures it would seem to suggest a Young Earth Theory wouldn't you think? Or these creatures hide themselves so bloody well.

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I could agree with that. Almost every culture has some kind of story like it. They probably hide with the Squatches. LOL

I love dragons for a reason! Thanks for sharing this latest release! A great way to have a collection. I do like the reverse design of dragon eye! Do you think this dragon’s eyes are red?


That dragon eye is awesome. If I had a dragon his/her eyes would be red or maybe even orange. What about if you had one? !tip


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Thanks @beerlover! I'm a Beer Lover myself.

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Well if that dragon were real I would certainly leave him alone!!!
The satin look really makes this Silver round, very nice and thanks for sharing!!!🤗


Yeah I like the satin finish on it. Can't wait to get it in a capsule. I've been slacking lately. LOL


Me too my friend, and where I am, I'm not sure I want to go into a very small packed LCS...🤔

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