Attended marriage party in your area today.


Hello Friends,

Every country and every region has its own culture of wedding parties but the culture of marriage in our region is very unique. Most of us have lunch in the evening and celebrate a lot in wedding ceremonies.



In our country, the custom of weddings is such that people give lunch and serve food in the evening. The time I went to the wedding today was written at 7 pm but they gave food at 8:30 pm. This has become our culture. We can't finish it anytime soon.


When something becomes part of the culture, it takes a long time to get rid of it, because as people come to their senses, they step back and the culture changes.


We have to be punctual in order to change our culture and take care of people's engagements because nowadays people have no time at all. People have kept themselves busy in many activities so, Be careful.


If we want to see change in society, we must first change ourselves. When we change ourselves, we can expect other people to try to change themselves from today. By making this commitment, you will be punctual and avoid wasting money on weddings.

Friends, extravagance in wedding ceremonies is strictly forbidden because we are Muslims and there is no mention of such things in Islam.



Best Regards


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