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The fact that all the viruses are somehow dangerous but most of them stayed at state level only a few came out as danger for the whole world and destroyed international relations in such a way as Covid-19 done in this present time.
As the pandemic may have its effect on the physical level but what about the digital communications does it has also been affected by covi-19 we can take a look into the situation with this article.

Let us consider an era without digital technology
What would have been the mean to relate to other country transport, meetings, letters, everything physically the virus is attached to physical things so the ration would be more than double due to it.


Economically the world would be destroyed as they would be bound to only connectivity limited to physical things.
Death toll would be much more who don't remember plague 1920, killing almost 50 million people while 50 million population came under its sway, so something like that might also have happened.
Vaccines as mentioned earlier physical meetings would carry viruses, so the cure might face delay.

digital world covid-19.jpeg

Now coming to Digital World
The internet and online communication has caused things to not get to its extent, also keeping the economic, education run one way or another, not being blocked completely.

We can still hear news and see Officials of the international arena meeting online and discussing the matter and sending support for each other.

Finally the vaccine which people might think has taken a long time would take a very long time if the digital system was missing.

Concluding the story we can say that the digital world has given tough time to the negative effects that might have worsened if things were made physically.

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