The Diary Game | 25th November 2020 | Result came suddenly!!

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Hello and Welcome to all my fellow steemians...
I hope you are doing well in your respected lives and in your respected work and I am very glad that you make time for reading my diary post and appreciated it. So let's get started.

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The day starts in a very usual way as I have class in the morning after attending my online class I went outside for buying some breakfast items and went on a small walk because it was a very chilly morning and the sun was feeling very pleasant in cold weather, after coming back I realized weather changed suddenly and it started raining. For enjoying rain more I prepared myself a tea which I drink during rain and it felt heavenly.


After that, I was just checking my WhatsApp class group and suddenly a message appears from our Class representative that our result has been uploaded and at that time my breathing stopped suddenly and I clicked the link and I got shocked.

the message we received;


After reaching the website I searched for my roll no and I got pretty happy knowing that I got a 3.47 GPA in the 2nd semester which is pretty good in the Computer science field;


for enjoying the moment I called my friends and we made up a suddenly planned to go out on an outing, so we gathered up in the ground to play some cricket and drink some tea.


After that, we went on a long ride on our bikes and enjoyed the chilly evening and did some fun with all my friends which happened to be one of the best evenings in winters.


Special mentions to;


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Many congratulations for passing semester with 3.47 GPA looks like you have done real Hardwork.

I love the click of CUP you have taken ❤️

#onepercent #pakistan