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20% beneficiary to @steemit-pak.

Greetings fellow steemians and welcome to my post on the Educational theme which is done on Wednesday in the Steemit Pakistan community.


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We all love using our computers and when using, we will like to screenshot what we are doing and maybe, edit. This is why I decided to make this post today in the Steemit Pakistan community to help us and increase our knowledge. This information is very valuable and mostly, to steemians who are in the Steemit Crypto Academy and doing homework tasks that need screenshotting and also editing.
So, lets get to it.

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How to screenshot a window using your Windows PC.

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Firstly, you will need press the Windows button to open the start up menu.


After, search for snipping tool. This is an application that is built in with Windows and it is meant for screenshotting.


Once we open the app we will be able to screenshot the window.


From the above image, I will explain what the highlighted numbered areas mean.
1.) The New button is used to take a new screenshot or snip.

2.) The Mode button is a dropdown menu that gives the various types of methods to use to screenshot and they are:

  • Freeform snip. Where the user has freedom to select manually the area to snip.
  • Rectangular snip. Where the user selects the area to snip in a rectangular format.
  • Window snip. Where the user can take a screenshot of the selected window.
  • Full screen snip. Where a screenshot is taken of the whole screen.

3.) The Delay button is a dropdown menu that gives the time that will take before the snip will take place after the new button is clicked. The delay time varies from; No delay, 1 second, 2 seconds, 3 seconds, 4 seconds and 5 seconds.

4.) This part is giving us another quicker method to screenshot and edit by pressing the key combination Windows logo key + Shift + S.

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How to edit a screenshot or an image using Paint 3D.

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Once you have screenshotted your window, you might want to edit it for explanations or just for labelling it with your username.


Firstly, you will click on the highlighted icon in the above image or you can right click the saved image and select Edit with Paint 3D.

snip 5.jpg

Once we are in the Paint 3D app, there are so many ways to edit the image and from the above image with the highlighted areas which are numbered, I will explain each of them.

  1. Brushes.

    The user can manually draw or write with the brush after choosing the brush type and thickness.
  2. 2D Shapes.

    The user can add a 2D shape which can be used to highlight a section of the image. (Just like how I have been using the 2D rectangle to highlight areas of the images.)
  3. 3D Shapes.

    Here, the user can input a 3D shape into the image per his preference.
  4. Stickers.

    The user can input stickers from Paint 3D or external stickers.
  5. Text.

    Here, the user can add text into the image. For example, a crypto academy student can write his username on his screenshot using this function.
  6. Effects.

    The user can change the effects of the image such as the color and brightness.
  7. Canvas.

    The user can edit the canvas such as the image size.
  8. 3D library.

    With this option, the user can add 3D images from the 3D library online.
  9. Crop.

    This option is used to crop the image by cutting only the required part needed in the image.
  10. Magic Select.

    This function is used to select only a certain part of the image and edit it to preference.


Once we are done editing to our preference, we save the image and that is all.

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Thank you for reading. Hope I increased your knowledge or helped. Please leave feedback on your thoughts about these or if you have any corrections to add.


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