My Entry for Art and Portrait photography contest by steemit-pak || Week 2


Hello steemit community!!

Great to be back here on steemit after busy hectic schedule of my life. From now on will try to post on my daily bases. Today I’m making this post to participate in a contest by @steemit-pak.

My Entry


I know the quality of my pic is low due to camera of my old mobile. Hope my entry of Art will accepted, Will post another entry after finishing my that art.


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Glad to see you back again Lets make our Pakistan Popular on Steemit.

Artwork looks really beautiful ❤️ dont forget to mention @art-venture in tags and post so your art could get a chance of popularity.

Yours Hassanabid

Moderator Of steemit Pakistan ❤️


Ty Hassan will try to post on daily basis to make our country popular on steemit :)

You have been upvoted by Rashid001 , A Country Representative from PAKISTAN. we are voting with the Steemit Community Curator @steemcurator07 account to support the newcomers coming into steemit.

You can participate the two contests running now by @steemitblog which are well rewarded.

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i will advise you brother, try to add more text in post and you can do, you can get more success here , so nice, thank you very much for sharing your nice photo, i liked the photo paint very much


Ty for the advice and appreciation :)


thank you for listening me best of luck