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We all know that our brain is an essential part of our body; it controls all of our activities throughout the day, and even after sleeping, it works continuously. One most crucial function of the brain is to memorize things, it naturally remembers everything we see and the people we meet with, but for a critical task, we need to make it to learn our syllabus during our exams.

So, what if we can memorize more quickly than before and our brain functions more rapidly. It is possible by following specific proven tips which we are going to discuss below.

What should we do to Increase Memory


Meditation is a vital part of improving mental health, as it calms the brain and lets it relax for a few minutes. It also helps lower blood pressure, stress, pain, the gray matter in our brain, which is responsible for maintaining memory, declines with age, meditation increases the gray value in the brain, which contains neurons.

Sleeping better:-

As our brain is continuously importing memory while we are seeing, watching things doing activities, so it needs sleep to convert these memories into long-term memory.

Practicing mindfulness:-

Studies showed that becoming aware of things and surroundings at the moment plays a significant role in increasing memory power. It increases concentration, focus, and memory.

Playing brain games:-

Now, as the brain is also part of our body and like exercise, it needs to be refreshed and strengthened, so playing cognitive games, brain games could increase memory power.

Eating healthy foods:-

There are vitamins like vitamin D and proteins as Omega-3 found in fish which are essential for enhancing memory power. The intake of vitamins and proteins are proven tips to increase memory and are also prescribed by doctors.

What things need to be avoided:

Less sugar:-

People prefer a high sugar level in every desert, without knowing the side effects. Memory weakening is also one of many health issues caused by consuming a significant amount of sugar.

Don’t overthink:-

As this consumes your mental energy and lowers your brain functionality.

Unhealthy food:-

Avoid junk food, alcohol, beverages; it contains multiple chemicals which negatively affect memory power.

Maintaining a great memory

Following the tips mentioned above can increase memory power; it helps to strengthen the brain, so the brain works more rapidly. However, there is no quick way to improve memory, and if anyone falls into those habits which cause harm to the brain, then he should first reduce those habits and move towards a healthy lifestyle.

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You have write it so perfectly. But I must say, the one habit of overthinking is so common and embedded inside me, that my subconscious mind is always on working, I don't know how to get rid of this. Mental disturbance.
But hopefully I will try my level best to overcome this bad habit of over thinking

I enjoyed reading your post ☺️


Thank you @attiyaasghar for your feedback, yes overthinking is a really bad habit even I have faced this but Alhumdulilah I have controlled this by pushing myself to do something else whenever my mind starts overthinking, hopefully, this will work for you too.


I am trying too 😊.... hope for the best


Great post!


thank you for your feedback 👍

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Great and informative post ✨