Betterlife - The Diary Game - 10th April Visit To Makli Graveyard ( Thatta )



Hello everyone , I hope you guys are doing great on steemit...

It was a family outing day i went out with Family to the Historical Makli Graveyard

Before i get started let me share some information about Makli graveyard which is popular as Makli Necropolis ...

The place Covers The area of About 10 KM consisting of over 1-1.5 million tombs or ( Graves ) there are tombs of Many well known personalities including biggest suffis,scholars and many others....

Let me show the Distance from Home to Makli Graveyard where thousands of Graves are present...

It was a pleasure driving and enjoying the route...

Directions and Plus Code for the Location...

Plus code for the location : PWW6+X2 Thatta

You might be wondering about the First Image :)

Actually its a Tomb of Isa Khan Tarkhan

Here are some of the details of Tomb of Isa Khan...


Here's the gate


The main graveyard of Isa Khan Tarkhan





Tomb Of Jan baba father Of Isa Khan

On the left of Isa Khan Darkhan's grave

Here's the tomb of Jan Baba


It was A great Site to Visit there we stayed and enjoyed other things.

in the Next Diary i would be Sharing the Tour of Kenjhar Lake....

Thats all for today

I hope you enjoyed my diary....

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great place for visit۔۔۔and its a very good post۔۔۔u tell others howw that place is and i say that u are working very honestly

Interesting post✨
I had just heard of this Historical place and even took a look today.

Hmmm nice place to visit....


but the weather was too hot in thatta :/