Betterlife - The Diary Game - 24 march 21 - Balochii tikka at Madina restaurant highway

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Hello everyone I hope you guys are doing great ,
These days we are having hot weather at day and cold winds at night which is causing a big mess like Flue,fever and the worst part is we cannot even guess whether it's covid or just a common flue...

Anyways let's get towards the day...

Day today:

It was Wednesday and we had no classes scheduled today,

I woke up late and got scolded by mom as i had to visit RO plant to refill the empty water bottles and now it's afternoon...

Without having breakfast ( i mean lunch lol ) I went out to perform my work.

  • Visiting Tailor for wardrobe.
  • Refil the water bottles.
  • Oil changing, service and tuning of motorcycle.

It took me around 3-4 hours covering all those things and it was 5 PM now,

Came back home ate some food and got this as a Sweet

Chocolate fudge brownie Icecream by Iceberg

When I reached home I got text from my friend that we are going to highway tonight for the dinner, which is almost 35 KM far from our area.

Distance from my home To Restaurant

Coals getting ready..


The Yummiest Balochi Tikka With Naan


Plus code for the location : 2945+Q6 Darsano Chano

There were families aswell so haven't taken from the front

So this how my day went.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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Yours Hassanabid
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Ah the food ♥️

Bro I don't care about the food, i eat that more often than you but the icecream 🙄🙄 you shouldn't have shared that😏😏 now you will have to buy me one strawberry ice cream cone😍 or else ....... Nothing😅😅