Betterlife - The Diary Game - Sister's Wedding ( 30/3/21 )



Hello everyone many of you guys would have missed me as its been 7+ days since i posted my last diary...

It was a big panic kind of days because of Covid Lockdown getting implemented again.

We have heard that all outdoor and indoor weddings were about to get banned.

We had to arrange another alternative for the safe side so we already booked a Plot near my new Home is Incase of any emergency we could arrange without any trouble.

The reason why i wasn't available here was the Guests, Around 30-40 guests came and i had to arrange all the arrangements

I am really thankful to Steemit which helped me alot covering most of the expenses, it was my Good luck that the rate of Steem and SBD got high at the peak needed time.

Lets get started with Wedding Day...

We enjoyed talking whole night and in the early morning i had to arrange breakfast for the Guests so i went out with my Cousin.

We ordered 40 Poori - 10 Paratha for the Guests and it took us around 1 hr as there was a huge line.

After that i don't even know what i would do as there was loads of work which was pending...

I had to visit the banquet before the Guests

So the venue was Sheraton Banquet

And the temperature today was about 35-40 degree centigrade...

Obviously we had to give some extra money to manager for Air Conditioning 🤯

In the afternoon i went to Hanif Rajpoot Pakwan Center gaved order of 35 plates which cost me around 7 thousand rupees and after cold drinks and other things it cost me around 10 thousand for just lunch...

In the evening i visited hair dresser to have a final touch of facial on my face 😈


I was already late as the whole family reached the hall so i took it urgently lol :p

Afterall i had to look more beautiful than bride and groom lol 😆

So here i am in the banquet with my partner @haidermehdi


With my Uncle :


My whole Squad ❤️


with @haidermehdi


with @ibad4242


With Family ❤️


It was the most beautiful day because it was the biggest event of my Sister ❤️...

Lots of Prayers Required for this Newly married Couple...

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Masha Allah May Allah bless you always

Congratulations all of you look beautiful and may Allah bless you all

never saw you like this I mean you always working you look great brother

your sister is looking super cute. MASHALLAH. May she get everything she want in life
and yes we missed you posts a lot.

May Allah SWT bless them both.
wishing them a very great future a head.

Wishing a prosperous life to wedding couple. Stay blessed

Congratulations on your sister's wedding. God bless them ❤️

MashaAllah your sister is looking so pretty ,May Allah SWT bless her with his special blessings and had a happy marriage life ahead..
You are looking nice too man ;)

May Allah bless them ❤
Congratulations 😊

Mashallah, may ALLAH bless the couple with happiness.

Ma shaa Allah Ma shaa Allah she looks stunning ma shaa Allah.
May Allah bless her with lifetime happiness and love aameen and may she have a happy married life and may Allah S.W.T bless them both <3

Though I don't know much about you but by reading your diary I got to know that you have done all your responsibilities so well of being a son and a brother from shifting till managing and organizing each and everything till the date.

More and more power to you @hassanabid. :)

MA SHA ALLAH MA SHA ALLAH... She is the PRETTIEST bride😍...very beautiful. May ALLAH bless this couple with lots and lots of happiness and many more. ameen... Good wishes to them

Mashallah looked handsome. :)

Congratulations on your sister's marriage.


There's a lot to do on weddings and specially when it's of your own family member. You have been working really hard for the past few months I have known you. I got to know about the wedding preps, your new home through your diaries. You have acted responsibly as expected out of a brother in Asian household. I am happy that everything went well and you enjoyed the big day of your sister. She looks absolutely gorgeous and I pray to Allah that this beautiful smile on her face remains forever.. Her partner be the source of comfort and happiness for her forever. Ameen.