Important Notice ! - Too Much Spammers these Days. - Stop Now or Get Muted !

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Hello to everyone! this is your's Co-Founder Of Steemit Pakistan, Hope you all are enjoying in Steemit Pakistan.


Recently I have noticed that we are having lots of Comment Spam especially over Steemit-pak Posts. Maybe this is happening as we have launched a new reward system for Most Engaging User.

Last time it was first week so we gave people a chance to stop Spamming but from now on I will be monitoring it personally and their would be No Compensations For Spam.


Users who need to be careful and should focus on Real Commenting !





Shouldn't complain these directly as it don't give good impression also they have mentioned already
Votes are not Guaranteed. there must be something in your posts that you need to look after.





Please Stop adding the similiar comment everywhere, all the comments need to be unique.

Thanks and others are exceptional and can be used. but not on every comment.

Achievement Links :

Please be patient after posting achievements you will get verified but if you comment again and again this will give bad impression from you.

Others should be careful too.


Founder of Steemit Pakistan.

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Ok very respective admins I apologize you. Next time I am not do any mistake.

And plz the achievements links as well. My posts are flooded with those. I'm muting all the links and if a person continues the act I'm muting those accounts as well. Kindly highlight this point too.


Exactly ! adding it

Sorry sir, From now on, I will not complain if I do not get the vote.


Thanks for understanding :)


I just fade of reading nice diary keep it up ,nice diary keep it and 😂😆 and the reply was same thank you thank you 🤭

Good report .
I hope all the members will avoid from spam comments .

Exactly Sir, commenting has to be interactive and not just a one sided thing

Impressive itna detailed over view waqai qabil e tareef he :p
Don't you think you should join some kinda investigating department :D

Good work keep it up. CRs like you people are the reason behind the rapid success of steemit-Pak MA.

Good report, yes we need to read the post and comment related it, i noticed many people do not read the post and leave a comment, many times people said me bro😁


hahahahha :D Bro :D

Looking forward to Spam reporting will you Volunteer for that ?


Yes i will.


You are bro and I am Sir. haha.


Hahahaha Good to know I'm not the only one 😅🥲


@mrsfurqan Don't worry Bro just ignore them😂😂😂😂



Haha same comment also for me. Many people said me bro.

Sorry all friends Next time no miss take🙏🏼🙏🏻

Hahaha! Such spamming comments are irritating too at times!😬

Onions were looking good???🥺🤐


Great report. Hopefully the rest of the people will be careful now

Thank you very much Sir. You sharing a great important notice. I impressed your working style Sir.
God bless you Sir.

Stop adding the similar comment every where, all the comment need to be unique

Well said 👍👍

From ,
C.I.D Officer @hasanabid
Please don't mind it's shown keen observation at every where in community.
Good job👏👏

Right sir you are absolutely right that we should make the best and good comments because commenting makes our personality brighter and has a good effect on others. I read your post. I am very happy to read this. And found a lot of useful information۔

Yes Sir this is a great initiative by you as everyone should stop to do such cheap works
And follow the guidelines given by our Supportive Steemit Pakistan Team to flourish our Official Community

This is something, which should be stopped and discouraged. Say no to spammers!

Appreciating someone is a good thing but if you repeat a same statement to each and everyone then how can it be considered worthy of reading.

You have spoken very valuablely. Everyone has the right to have their say. But before giving this opinion, it should be seen whether this opinion of mine is in accordance with this work or not.

Regards @cryptokethor

Good sir.