PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY/ART Contest - Click At Farmhouse


Two days ago i went to picnic with my University friends

Al Shahab Farmhouse

So i have got a picture for the contest

This is Yours Moderator Of steemit Pakistan

i will share full details of farmhouse on Diary game Post ❤️.

those who want to participate in the contest can visit link here A contest by @axeman .

Yours Hassanabid

Moderator Steemit Pakistan

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What a colorful shot 🌹 very nice . I like it


❤️ Glad to hear that

Good Entry my friend, but don't forget to make it count :p
Share the link in the contest post along with the picture :)
Yours, Admin Steemit Pakistan. @haidermehdi :)
Cheers :P


haha its the first thing i do 😜


But i did not find your comment on the post? :( That's why i commented here .

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