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Hello to everyone here on Steemit Pakistan.

Lets make it shorter and precise report for you all to understand what i am doing these days for the betterment of Community and to build Steemit-pak and Steemit Pakistan Self Reliance,Independent and powerful in all aspects.

Some of the works which i have been doing is :

  • General Report For Club75 Gives an idea to users directly what is the main pinpoint which they are lacking. Also to help people out by telling them directly their statistics rather than for them to go on one by one over transfer search page to check out their statistics.

  • NewComers Verification Report - New Comers verification is important because its important for the growth of community and steemit to have talented new People.

  • Club5050 Daily Reports from Steemit-pak which helps our Moderators to select Best Picks for the Day..

  • Weekly Powerups Done over Steemit-pak - It Was and it is Our Dream to make steemit-pak the most powerful Community Curation Account possible. So for that the weekly powerup Initiative is best for us.

  • Daily Discussion with Steemit Pakistan Team to Improve Quality and support to our Community Members

  • Helping Out Members in various FAQ's

  • Promoting Powerup To grow community strong.

Now, Lets have a Look over My Account Statistics

I feel so happy to delegate my whole amount to Community and I serve my whole day to Steemit Pakistan.


Effective Sp9000+
Delegated SP6,875
Own Staked SP10,838
Incomming Delegation5000
StatusDouble Dolphin
TargetTriple Dolphin

Eligibility Check for #Club75

Normal Transfer in Last 60 Days :

871.000 STEEM transfered


Powered Up :


2,647 Steem Powered Up.

Feedback and Message :

I am trying my best to improve in every aspect as a founder of this Community and Thanks to all my supporters, Steemit Team for helping our Community with Two Months Powerful Support, Have heard that from next month there's no support but we would have a surprise,
We hope for the best for our Community as we have given our 100%.

I am Really Thankful to @steemcurator01 for every possible help they have given to Me,My team Members and My Community. Really hope that we have proven our capability to be eligible for your support.

End of Report

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Quick Delegation Links To earn delegation rewards

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1000 SP1500 SP2000 SP3000 SP4000 SP5000 SP

Country Representative,

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God willing, you just shared this thing with me very clearly. You have shared this thing with an open sword. I do this thing very well that you continue it. You continue its development. Inshallah you will see many successes. Our best wishes to you.Amen🤗🇵🇰🤗

Your Beloved: @arslanaj

Detailed report, you are hard working and In Sha Allah Community Will grow more.

sir🌹 @hassanabid CRSteemit pakistan
Sir, if you keep working hard like this, then insha'Allah the time is not far when you will complete the achievement of your third dolphin and I pray that you will achieve this success very soon. Thank you.


Excellent report! You are doing a great job 👍

Your working is outstanding. You described #club75 & #club5050 very clear. Allah bless you more success and happiness...
Regards @cryptokethor

Sir hassanabid you are much supportive and talented CR of Pakistan and you are working very hard
And Insha I pray to Allah Almighty for your 3ple dolphin 🐬 🐬 🐬 soon Insha Allah
So Stay Blessed
Thank you

MA SHA ALLAH @hassanabid Great Work.

I am glad that you are working very hard sir @hassanabid , sir g main b ap jaisa mask buy karna chahta hun .