Betterlife II The daily diary II Baraat II 9-july-2021

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AOA friends. I am very excited to share the baraat day with all of you. I enjoyed the Henna function so much and now today was the baraat. So let's see what we do at baraat.

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Next day I woke up at 9:20. I slept very late last night so still feeling sleepy. But i took shower and had breakfast. Everyone there was in hurry. At 10:45, we left for parlor. We are 8 girls and it took more than three hours on our makeup. At 1:30, we reached in the hall. We were waiting for Barat. And finally, baraat arrived at 2:15.

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We served our guest. And then, it was time of Dhood Pilai. We went with milk and demanded 1 lac because we were 11. They first argue with us and it took more than 25 minutes. That was so much fun. BTW, they gave us 50 thousand and a gold ring for bridal's sister.

After that we gave gifts and then it was rukhsati time. We didn't cry because groom home was near to us.

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After rukhsati, the bridal went and we came back to our home. It was a little sad but then we started dancing and singing to change everyone's mood. After that, i opened my steemit account on mobile phone because my laptop was at home. Then i told my sisters(cuisines) to join steemit but they were so sleepy and didn't pay attention on my gayaan😂. Then i again had some rice and almost at 1AM, i went to sleep.

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This is how we enjoyed the baraat day. I hope you would like reading this.

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