Betterlife II The daily Diary II My cuisine's weddingII Mahendi II 8-July-2021

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AOA friends. How are you all? I hope everyone is doing good and living life excitingly. So i am again here with another diary after almost 5 days. I actually was not at home so that's why wasn't active on steemit. Let me tell you about my the last week activities in this diary. So let's start.

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So my Thursday started early in the morning. All were awaked because this was the day when we had to went to Sialkot to attend my cuisine's wedding. Today was henna ceremony. We all were waiting for this day for so long and finally today we were going there. We packed our bags last night because we knew that we would left early.

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We just had breakfast, adjust our bags in car and then we were on the way to our Khala's home after almost three years. Last time i visited the sialkot when my father came in pakistan. So i was very exited to see my cuisines and to have fun. It was a little bit cloudy.

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We reached there and the first thing i did is apply henna on my hand. All were waiting for us. We all cuisines applied the same and simple mahendi design on our hands.

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After that, Me and my cuisines went to a mall to buy some jewelry. The rain and beauty of roads made our day. The weather actually was so kind. We buy some earings, nose rings and bangles. I had came with proper preparation, so i didn't buy any thing for myself. We completed out shopping and came back to home.

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The lightening, the flowers, the excitement of girls, it seems that we came into another world. I am the elder child in Father side relatives so I have not attended much wedding ceremonies that's why i do not have idea about the rituals which are performed on weddings except some basics. So this time, i decided to enjoy all the functions enthusiastically. Anyways, the function start at about 9. We first had dinner and then applied mahendi on our bridal's hands. We all went on stage and put some henna on her hand and some money in bucket which will later will be given to some maid as Sadqa. After that we had dance and enjoyed the night with loud music.

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The function over at 2:30AM. I was pretty tired. I was feeling pain in my feet because of heel. But still no one was in mood to sleep. We started preparation and planning for Barat. It was a bt rainy season so we pressed our dresses because of fear of load shedding.

Then i helped bridal to set up her jewelry and dresses which she was going to take with her in parlor next day.

At 4:00AM, my eyes were turning into red now because of sleep. So i went to sleep. That's how i spent my cuisine's Henna function. Thank you so much for putting your activities aside to visit my post.

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