Betterlife II The diary game II Hoorain's birthday II 3 July 2021

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AOA everyone. How are you all? How the summer is going? The weather is getting cruel but load shedding making it worse. Anyways, this all is part of life. So stay comfort and relax and keep enjoying the moments of life. Let's start my Saturday diary.

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It was chachu's youngest daughter, Hoorain's birthday. It was her first birthday so we decide to do some special for her. Moreover all the kids were getting bore, so it would be a source of entertainment too for them.

So the day started at 7 in morning. All in my home were sleeping except aunty and mama who were making the preparation for Breakfast. I got fresh and went to chachu who were on his mobile phone and waiting for breakfast. We both started discussing the current affairs. He read some post about 4rth layer of Covid-19 and was getting hyper on government for closing the schools again.

I told him about the Lahori girl who caused spreading the Covid-19 in many people and he said "Lahore Lahore ay". Then we both had breakfast together and he went to his work. I started working on laptop while eating mango.

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But then mama call me and said to help her in laundry. So i washed the cloths with her and we both got free at 2:00. Then we came down from roof top. All the kids were done with their breakfast and were playing now. The Aunty was making the lunch. It was Alo chimla mirch

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I was highly tired. The soap always make my hand rough. Anyways, i joined the becha party and we played yesoo penjuu. Then i offered the Asr prayer and amma started scolding that i do nothing whole day.

AFter that aunty asked the Chachu when he will come because he will brought the cake but he said that he would be late because it's weekend. So aunty sent the Phupho's son to bakery for cake. He brought two cakes. We made chaat, chawal and decorate the table with cup cakes.

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The chachu came at 10:00. We didn't decorate the home but just had cakes. Then we cut the cake. She is just 1 year old so no one had any gift for her because we know she couldn't complain😂.

It already was so late so all gone to sleep. But i started using laptop. After sometime, i felt a little bit hungry. I try to have some fruits because i am highly afraid of being old😂.

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This is how i spent my saturday. Thanks for visiting my diary.

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