ICYMI: The Most Engaged Posts Between 19th Jun and 22nd Jun

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Welcome to our latest edition of In Case You Missed It for the Steemit Pakistan community.

This edition includes 7 articles that have had the most engagement and are all between 3 and 6 days old so there is still plenty of time to give them your support.

These posts aren't selected for their vote value, nor for their author's reputation but for the quantity and quality of comments received.

By commenting and supporting others, we can all help this community and Steemit to flourish.

20% beneficiary to @steemit-pak.

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Application For Country Representative Pakistan by @maazmoid123


#Club75 | THE DIARY GAME | 19 - June- 2022 | Last day of 2nd semester - Lost all my data


The Diary Game ||20-june-22 ||A thing of beauty is joy forever by @aaliarubab


Tuesday Review || Park Review- Sindbad || 20%Beneficiary to steemit-pak


Daily Diary Game || Health services in Rural areas


Club100 || My Journey To Sawaat|| By@suboohi


The diary game || 21-jun-2022 || #Club100 || @tahirazaman

I hope that you enjoy these posts. Please reply with suggestions on improvements that can be made in future editions or if you'd like a post created for your community or groups of tags.

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A Few Of The Selection Criteria

  • Posts that contain tags identifying them as contests are not included
  • Comments from automated services and curation trails are not included
  • Posts that use the krsuccess hashtag are not included
  • The list is limited to 7 posts
  • A Post will be made every 3 days to help promote content before pay out
  • Posts and Comments from users trying to abuse the calculation algorithm are not included.

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