The dairy game /18/06/2021/steemit pakistan

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I hope that you will all be well, by the grace of Allah, you will be well, after which I will tell you Today I will tell you about my religion. What can I say? I woke up at about nine o'clock. After wow, Ramin came back home. After I washed your face, the call to prayer came to the mosque of our village. After I prayed, I prayed. After reciting and reciting the Quran, I went home. When I come and come home, I will show you where to go for my buffaloes in some crop

Then I will tell you what this greeting is for and without this we cannot bring our special to our camp if this because we can carry so much weight that we can do it so easily and we can I don't have the strength to take this ridato our camp So we go to our own crop and we use this animal to bring it to our camp because it has a lot of power and it is easy to open our crop.

Then I will tell you that the weekly watering of our crop is much worse than the crop we plant and much more.Because these crops from Spain are very good and we also have a lot and this canal water comes in the sorcerer and we call our crop this is the Islamic yield and we accept a lot of profit from us and when I water So I took a picture . I will show picture


This is my job today what i hope all of you friends like it very much may allah give you health amen

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