The dairy game/beterlife/ my dairy form/13/06/2021

5개월 전

I hope you will all be well. How are you? I will tell you about my work, which is our work, which does many important things, from our baflous who works to conceive barley and They are reaping our own crops. They will be heartbroken. We make our livelihood and we work and reap the kharif crop.Those who work have only two jobs. Remember, they raise their buffaloes and take milk from them and reward them for their livelihood.i will show picture for my dairy form

Then I will tell you that they are from our baflouswho is the original Sahiwal and they are of the original breed and they give good milk because what happens to the baflous of Sahiwal gives very good milk and so on and so forth.And most people like to have Sahiwal buffaloes. Someone shows you in their picture.

Then I will tell you that these are our cows that we kept to get and they are also very small and they have not gone very much so we had this very small If it gets bigger, don't let us know, because they are very expensive and they are also very sophisticated, so we have kept them. I will show you in their picture. I hope all of you friends. May Allah bless us all with health. Amen

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