Today chill with friend/16/06/2021/steemit pakistan

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I hope you are all well and I will do the same to myself. We have been here for two or three days now because I was not feeling well so I could not post that you will be fine today. My friends gave me a party and today we went to the party and their area would be beautiful and bright So I said okay then we will go to Chaman Restaurant on the best road in our city then we went and got our pain or a friend of mine got it and I ordered a burger and sat on When I went there for what I had ordered, I took a picture

Then I'll tell you that we ate our food and talked about our We talked a lot because I was meeting him a couple of days later because I'm not feeling well. You talked to me a lot and said that we have become very close friends with him and we We took a picture here and the picture that you also gave to you

Now let me tell you that everything we ate at this restaurant was so beautiful and so clean it was very beautiful and famous in our area because they say something very valuable and do not mix anything and I "I'll show it to the brothers who have it, and I'll send it to a picture restaurant.i will show picture for restaurant

I hope you all like this post, may God bless us all

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