Weekly Engagement || week #18 || Write About Importance of Steemit In Your Life? Steemit a blessing of God

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Hello Friends!

How is everyone doing out there? I am great too. Today I am going to participate in a very amazing and interesting contest of weekly engagement Organized by @steemit-pak and the topic for this week contest is What is the role of steemit in your life and when should you invest in a currency.

Let's Start!!

What is a steemit?

Steemit is a social media website where you can post Pictures articles and videos it's like any other websites mostly similar to Reddit, if you have ever used that site, on this website you can see anyone's comment, their reply, their mentions and almost everything with completely transparent and the best part about this it's  running on block chain technology so once you post something or once you did transaction it's really hard to reverse that even it's impossible. Any work completely safe here and is not like other social media sites. This is the short introduction of steemit.

Role Of Steemit In My Life

Well since 4 months I have been using this website and its truly amazing to be here. So I live in Pakistan and over here it's not that good of an environment for artistic people. I mean that I used to make a lot of sketches and drawings but there was no one to support me except my family. They used to like it and support me. It is still a good drawing and painting. Then I stopped it because there was no support from outside so now when I came back to steemit I got to know about it and then I started posting some articles and some of my pictures that I took and I got really good appreciation by the steemit user well held it felt really good and it changed my life that way that Now when I have a painting or article that I want to share with world I can simply posted on steem and it's really fun and I feel really happy that people enjoy and love my post my article, will I can't do the same thing on other social media websites I won't name them because it's bad to name shaming any other websites but I can't do all those things and I am sure people won't want your work and appreciate my work because all they want is negative things..

Well I would say That I am quite satisfied with the situation because the thing is that sometimes I feel low and fad when I post many articles, many posts on steemit and I don't get any response, feel bad and then I feel like, am I doing something wrong ? or my posts in my articles are not worth it but then I wait for a while and after some days or something could happen so my motivation comes back in. I am a kind of person who is very hopeful in my life. So I see everything like there will be a miracle And it works most of the time, so it won't be wrong saying that yes I am satisfied with this situation right now I am in.

Helped me live Independently

Actually at this age it is really hard for girls like me because I belong to a family where girls are not allowed to get education and work outside their home and earn. Women Earnings is really a big deal but even they cannot get education and all my cousins at my age are now married or some are engaged but my father want me to get education and work for myself. He never wanted me to earn for the family but he want all of us to be independent and work for their own future and make their carrier by our own and this motivates me to work more hard on steemit. I am so lucky that I found steemit and earned a great amount through my activities. I always work hard on my each and every post to make it the quality post and I am satisfied with what I am doing for myself and for my family. Through working on steemit I am completing all my needs without asking my parents for money and i think it is a great thing to be independent at the age of 18 and besides my own needs I am also helping my father in other house related expenses.

My dream at Steemit 🌸

There is nothing so special that I want to think about but I think I am living my dream people are like in my articles people love to read they reply me and they tell me that what I am doing good or bad which is the best thing about this platform I would say but my dream is that one day I want to be a huge person on this platform to I can help other people whom posting quality content and they are putting a lot of effort into their work I will try to help them. Helping other people is actually my dream

What Is Crypto Currency?

Crypto currency is a digital system where you invest and get benefits from the currencies but all of it is done by digital means and also your currency is stored in digital wallets and this is totally different from the investment of real life and all your transactions are done by digital and decentralized method. It is way safe than other centralized methods because it uses encryption to provide safety and security to the people.


Well investment are not always profitable and sometimes we can face big loose through investing in crypto currency and that is why you need to handle it with care and requires experience of investing and to know about the market value of that currency before investing. Here are some points which I will keep in mind before investing in crypto currency.

Research About Market Cap

Actually market cap is where you will find all the information about a currency you want to invest in and most importantly you must know about the exchanges of that currency and learn about its exchanges and do contact with the experienced investors to help you know about the market cap and exchanges of that particular currency.

Coin market cap is one of the best website where you will know about the exchanges and its value and other volume of circulating supplies is very important to know about before investing in a currency.


Make Different Investments

Crypto is totally a different world from the real world and that is why anything can happen so do not limit your investments to only one of the currency and try to invest in different currencies so if one of the coin value goes down you will not face big lose and the other coins will give you more profit than the others.

Prepare Yourself For Volatility

Crypto currency is the name of volatility and if you want to invest you must prepared yourself for any up and downs. Because it is not that you will get profit all the time and you should always be mentally prepared for any challenging moment in your investments.


With Love

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Well well well...You have put a great effort. Nicely explained about investment.

He never wanted me to earn for the family but he want all of us to be independent and work for their own future and make their carrier by our own and this motivates me to work more hard on steemit.

Glad to know that Steemit helped you to earn handsome income which is motivated you to work hard and stay active.


Thank you so much!
Actually this is what motivates every person when they work hard and get its reward..

yes, you are doing great ma sha Allah and your father must be very proud of you Ma Sha Allah .
I can relate to you
Ma Sha Allah you are doing so well, May ALLAH makes it easy for you to face every difficulty and bless you with the best


Yes Alhumdulillah and this is all due to my father, the way he give attention to me and appreciate my work i feel more energetic and want to work more..
JazakAllah Khair



nice wrk when i posted my post for this contest i thought what could i miss but i was wrong your pot has many points and i like that

good work keep going


Thank you so much for appreciation

Nice post dear........😊
Need help.............