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Greeting Everyone!

The platform is growing and hundreds of new users are joining us but with that, We are also facing some more problems like Fake Accounts, Spammers, and Plagiarist. While the @endingplagiarism and its team are working very hard to combat it but hundreds of the posts were made every day which is not possible for them to check each and every post. So I have decided to add something which can help them in this regard. Here I am with a new contest of the Find Plagiarism and Earn Reward.

The Contest has two benefits the first is that it will help the Ending Plagiarism and the team to catch more Plagiarists and it will also help the community to reward the deserving authors. Because if any user will get a reward by posting plagiarised contests instead of the user who has posted his own creativity is a shameful act for me. I know how much time it will take to create quality content.

Rules For The Contest:

  • Find plagiarised content that is less than 7 days so the reward can be sent back to the pool.
  • Do not Mention the Plagiarist in your report (It can hurt you).
  • You can post your report anywhere on the platform (Steemit-Pak will be preferred).
  • Once you find any plagiarist you can post your report and can edit it with more links etc.
  • Those who will find the most plagiarised post that was difficult to catch will win the contest


1st Reward: 8 Steem
2nd Reward: 6 Steem
3rd Reward: 4 Steem
4th Reward: 2 Steem


This contest is open to participating till 15 July 2021 - After that, your entry will count for the next week's contest.

You can also support the fight against plagiarism and spamming by delegating some Steem Power to @endingplagiarism which will also earn you the highest rewards – Click here to find out more

Thanks For Reading My Post - Have a Nice Day

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Together Let's

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I would wish everyone Best of Luck for Finding Plagiarist ! Together we all can make Steemit Plag-free and also free from Reward Farmers Who perform Plagiarism for their own benefits !

Say no To Plagiarism !

I do believe this is the best contest , at the same time by this reward system user will be encouraged by catching more plagiarist and on the other hand as you mentioned that reward will back to the pool I mean to the quality content creator.
Dear brother as always you have wonderful ideas in your mind for the betterment of STEEMIT❤️
Hoping for the best and let's be the supportive hand to end PLAGIARISM !


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