Ramadan life |The Daily Diary Game| 04-May-2021| A rainy day|

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Assalam-ul-kum (Hello) every one!
I hope and pray that all of you are in good health and enjoying this beautiful month of Ramadan.
Today I’ll write my second diary for my steemit community and I hope you like it. So let’s read it :)



After suhoor I slept and when I woke up for Zuhar prayer the weather was already developing and strong winds just shattered the windows of my room, after some time the drizzling started and later converted into heavy rain, the weather here in Peshawar got a bit hot from last Monday and this rain is truly a blessing AlhamdulilAllah. Now as the weather is very good and we friends have collective Iftari as well, we gathered here after Asar prayer and start our preparations for the Iftari. Everyone brought very delicious dishes for Iftari, I took some pictures before my friends started trolling me for taking picture of everything and everywhere 







the rain stopped for some time but after half an hour the showers of rain again started which made the weather colder. After Maghrib prayer we had our dinner followed by a cup of tea, now as a football lover I have to watch the champions league 2020/21 semifinal between Manchester city and PSG although my favorite team Real Madrid will play Chelsea in the second leg on Thursday night. Here it comes the long awaited night, See you again folks, till then stay blessed and have a good night!

My achievement 1 post!


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Wow this food looks mouth watering , you are having really delicious food man.
Your diary is really good, impressive ❤️
Keep up the good work!!


Yes the food was delicious 😁 thank you for your appreciation ma’am 🌻😊

You: food
Me: just wow


Haha 😅 thank you ma’am :)