Betterlife the diary game/2/12/2021

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May Allah Almighty keep all the friends happy and grant them long life. May Allah Almighty help all the friends to earn halal sustenance. May allah never put all his friends in any other trouble may allah help all his friends to always help others may allah give you happy life may allah help you to serve his parents may allah help all his friends forever May Allah help you to speak the truth May Allah help you to walk on the straight path May Allah never make you need anyone Amen


I woke up early this morning, first I washed my hands, then I went for breakfast, then I had breakfast, after breakfast I picked up my mobile and started using facebook for a while. Run the book then I thought I put my mobile on the charger. When I went to put my mobile on charging, as soon as I picked up my charger, I saw that my charging lead was broken, then I went to the mobile shop. I thought after a while I went to the mobile shop and when I got there I took the lead of my mobile model then I took some pictures then gave the money to the shopkeeper and walked towards the house. Gave



My mobile was charged for a while then I took out my mobile and went out as soon as I reached outside then a friend of mine came and he said I have to go to get some fritters I will come with me I said ok let's go then me and my friend We walked towards the pakoras shop. Within about 15-20 minutes we reached the shop. We reached there and bought pakoras from my friend. Then they gave money to the pakoras. He took permission from his friend and walked home



As soon as I reached home some guests had come. Then my mother told me to go and fetch jalebi from the shop. I said ok I will go. Then I called my friend. Come on then we went to get jalebi. After a while my friend came. I was sitting on the motorbike with my friend and we took jalebi from our city. When I got there I bought half a kilo of jalebi. He gave money and started walking towards home. Soon we reached home. Then I drank tea to my friend.



Then I came home and entertained the guests. Then I made them tea. After that they took permission from us and went home. Then my mother told me that my son is ready to eat. Then I washed my hands and went to eat. After eating I took out my mobile and it went to Tuk Tuk. I played Tuk Tuk for a while. Suddenly I saw the time. It was three o'clock. Then my mother made tea. Then my mother told me to go and fetch radish from the shop. I said ok I know. Then I went to the shop to get radish. When I got there I bought radish Then I handed the radishes to my mother and went out



As soon as he came out, my uncle went. I call my friends, then we will come to cultivate. Then I called my friend and went to cultivate. My friend said: OK, I am coming. You go out. When we reached there, we defeated them and walked back home. When we came to the base of our base, I took some pictures of the river. Then you came home. When we reached home, it was evening. Today's engagements




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