Betterlife the diary game//29//11//2021

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May Allah help all the friends to earn halal sustenance. May Allah never put all his friends in any other trouble. May Allah always help all his friends to help others. May Allah give you a happy life. May Allah help you to serve your parents. May Allah always help all your friends. May allah help you to speak the truth may allah help you to walk on the straight path may allah never make you need anyone amen


I woke up early this morning, first I washed my hands, then I went for breakfast, then I had breakfast, after breakfast I picked up my mobile and started using youtube on it for a while i used it on youtube A friend of mine called and said let's go for a walk. I said ok I am coming. You come out. I saw an acacia plant standing there I thought why not take some pictures of its flowers then I went near the acacia then I took some pictures of its flowers which I am sharing with you to take pictures Then we went for a walk. We walked for a while. Then I told my friend to go home. Then my friend and I went back home. My friend went home and he went home.



When I got home, I rested for a while. After resting, my mother told me to go and pick up the clothes from the tailor master's shop. I said ok, I'll pick up the clothes. When I arrived I first took some pictures which I am sharing with you guys I hope you guys will like it. After that I picked up the tailor's clothes then paid and walked towards the house After a while I took out my mobile and started ticking on it. After a while I started ticking.



Suddenly I heard a noise outside and then I went out of my room to look outside. As soon as I reached my door I saw some beggars with loudspeakers with camels and collecting donations. Then I met him and asked him for whom are you collecting these donations. He said that this Baba Farid is collecting donations for Urs. Then I also gave him some money and I took some pictures of him. What I am sharing with you guys then I drove to my house and went to the street asking for donations and when I entered the house my mother said to me my son is ready to eat come and eat lomin said ok I am coming Then I went to wash my hands. After washing my hands I went to eat bread. Then I ate bread.



At that time my uncle was gone. He said, "My son is working as a carpenter. He has to collect some aunts. He has to collect some help from me. I said, 'OK, let's go.' Then I went there with my uncle to collect my aunt." When we arrived we started collecting anti. We collected all the anti within an hour. Then I took some pictures of bricks which I am sharing with you. Then I took more than my child and went home.



When I got home, my father told me to go and fetch malt from the fruit shop. I said ok, Abu, I will bring malt. Lee then bought a dozen Maltas, then gave the money and walked home. When he reached home, he handed the Maltese to his father and said to his mother, "It's three o'clock, make tea, then we have to go for watering." My mother made tea, then I drank tea Went for watering



The tube well man did not come till he reached there. Then I called the tube well man. The tube well man is fine. I am coming soon. The tube well man came after fifteen minutes. When the tube well was gone, I took some pictures which I am sharing with you. After about fifteen minutes, water came in the first bed. Then I took some pictures. Slowly the water ran out. It took time to calculate, then he gave money to the tube well owner and walked towards the house. When we reached home, it was evening.






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🌹 @malikshazib
You started your day very well and the plant you photographed in it is commonly found in our area. Eadting you did very well.🌹your work very hard