Betterlife the diary game//30//11//2021

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May Allah Almighty keep all the friends happy and grant them long life. May Allah Almighty help all the friends to earn halal sustenance. May allah never put all his friends in any other trouble may allah help all his friends to always help others may allah give you happy life may allah help you to serve his parents may allah help all his friends forever May Allah help you to speak the truth May Allah help you to walk on the straight path May Allah never make you need anyone Amen


I woke up early this morning, first I washed my hands, then I went for breakfast, then I had breakfast, after breakfast I picked up my mobile and started using facebook for a while. The younger sister came. She said, "Brother, can you bring me something from the shop?" I said, "I will bring it." But the younger sister left. Bring something for my sister. Then I went to the shop. When I got there, I bought a leased papad. Then I gave money to the shopkeeper and took some pictures and drove home.



Then my mother told me to bring some vegetables too. I asked my mother which vegetable to bring. My mother said to bring some peas. I said ok I will go after a while I went to the vegetable shop and when I got there I asked for the rate of Metro. The shopkeeper said that it is 200 rupees per kg. What I am sharing with you, then I drove home.



I rested for a while, then a friend of mine called me and said where are you? I said I am at home. He said, "OK, come out." When he arrived, my friend also came. My friend said let's go to the vegetable shop. I said ok, let's go. Then we went to the vegetable shop. Went back then I got permission from my friend and drove home



As soon as I got home, I was ready to eat. Come and eat. Then I washed my hands and went to eat. After eating, I took out my mobile and went to Facebook. Then I told my mother to make tea. I have to go to work with my friend. Then my mother started making tea. Soon my mother made tea. Then I was drinking tea. I was drinking tea. Then my friend's call came. Ok i'm coming my friend and I left we had to go to a hardware store And with great difficulty we crossed over and walked to the hardware store. My friend did what he had to do and he walked back.




When we reached the people of Sung, we stopped for a while and started looking at their work. We saw their work for a while and then we took some pictures. It was difficult to get out of there and reached our motorbike. Then we got on the motorbike and went home. Then when we reached my friend's house, I took permission from my friend and drove home.





When I got home, I rested for a while. My brother told me to sew my nephew's sandals and bring them. I went to the cobbler's shop. I handed over the sandals to the cobbler's shop. I told him to sew them. I sewed it, then I gave him money





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