Batterlife/ The Diary Game /15/04/2021 My visit to Chilli Field in Bonga Salah Village

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Hello Friend i hope you are well friends today i am going to tell you about a very sweet thing that we us a lot and it is used in every home and When it was planted in the ground So it looks very cute and name of the thing is love I used it a lot in my house and the people of this village grow a lot and when they are planted in the ground They show greenery every where They show very charmful that is they are very cute it seems That the village also eat it and the people of the city also eat it is very much in curry


Acs are short and long which can be used in curry it is not something that is not in Green Chilli and it is used in curry
Green chilli is planted in the ground and has its roots They are ready after three months and the people of the village grow it fondly and eat it very fondly
After three Months it becomes a big love it also happen that love has to be watered on time it is Guarded

The people of the village eat in any thing from it It cut and canbe used in many thing it is also cut and used in samosa.sandwich.Burger .Chicken etc


Friends many benefits green chilli
Our woman used it different things it can be used in beaf .Mutten and many thing

So i hope that u likes my first post in steem Pakistan

special Thanks




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