Let's Power Up @steemit-pak : 2300 SP My Part

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First of all I am very grateful to The Steemit Team and @steemcurator01 who considered me worthy and honored me.And gave me the opportunity to represent Pakistani's and at the same time supported me alot.Thanks to them, I am able to do my part today to make @steemit-pak a little more powerful..

I have long wanted to support the Pakistani steemians. And I have been supporting them in every way, since I became a Country Representative.And I tried to my best to give them benefit so that they would be encouraged. And make it exaggerated standard posts. And keep contributing at steemit as much as possible.

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@steemit-pak is official curation account of STEEMIT PAKISTAN COMMUNITY to support Pakistani steemians , also on quality content from other users on steem.

steemit green line.png

I have delegated 2300 SP from my account and i invite all Friends to delegate some of their Sp to make @steemit-pak more powerful as fast.



steemit green line.png

Currently @steemit-pak has Effective power of 4k SP and delegation from 3 members .

And our target is to reach 5000 SP by end of November 2020.



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In shaa Allah we will soon be reaching 5k sp.

Wow Great work,

I will be also delegating whole SP to steemit-pak Afterall we want to make our community account more stronger and powerful.