More Power To steemit, More Power to @steemit-pak || 4700 SP Delegation : 19-01-2021



All the friends know that from day one my first priority has been the development of the community and we are working day and night for this.I would like to say this with pleasure that All Pakistani members are increasingly strengthening the community and are constantly working hard and playing their part well.All Pakistani members are sharing their best content we are working on steemit promotion , inviting new users at steemit @hassanabid and @haidermehdi are doing great efforts . Steemit Pakistan Community is now growing fast. The number of Pakistani members is increasing day by day.So it's necessory to make community account more stronger ,To appreciate all new friends .

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@steemit-pak is official curation account of STEEMIT PAKISTAN COMMUNITY to support Pakistani steemians , also on quality content from other users on steem.

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Previously I have delegated 3700 steem power to @steemit-pak the official Steemit Pakistan community account. Now I reached to 4.7k SP so I am delegating another one thousand sp 98% amount of earned so that the community account becomes powerful as soon as possible and we support and encourage all Pakistani member.

I am very grateful to The Steemit Team and @steemcurator01 supported me alot.Thanks to them, I am able to do my part today to make @steemit-pak a little more powerful..



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Currently @steemit-pak has Effective power 14.5k SP


And our Next Target is to double it soon , but it can be possible with the support from our friends and senior steemians and @steemcurator01
and i invite all Friends to delegate some of their Sp to make @steemit-pak more powerful as fast.

cc: @steemcurator01 , @steemitblog


Regards @rashid001

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Delegate Steem Power To Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

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Good luck Steemit Pakistan!


@randulakorlage 🌹Thank you so much for the best wishes and your support for steemit pakistan ,♥️♥️

All hail @rashid001 MA sir you are doing extraordinary effort in Making steemit PAKISTAN community proud and grow


Thanks @bassamjamal ,

I'm glad all pakistani friends are working hard and doing efforts ,playing their role nicely for the growth of steemit pakistancommunity.

All power to you brother.. you are doing great for this community and inshallah once I will reach some good SP, then I will delegate it too.

Keep up your Good work❤️️

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Bhi g mary post par voit or comments KR deya karyn

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Delegate Steem Power To Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

Hi,@rashid001 you say right that all steemit pakistan team work very hard day and night for growing up the community.
I appreciate to all team members and also all participates.
I think only day our community become a world no1 community INSHALLAH,ameen.

U did the great effort for steemit Pakistan community ❤️

MashAllah more power to you too @rashid001