The diary game and Today my elder brother got me a new bike and I am very happy // /10-September 2021 munday)~ || to @steemit-pak/@saadahmads

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Hello friends how are you all Hope you are all well. First of all, I apologize to you for not being able to write my daily routine for two or three days.
I was a little busy due to college and domestic engagements and if I am free today, I will present tomorrow's daily routine to you. Let's start.

my new gift my bike

Today I am very happy so happy that I cannot tell my happiness because my elder brother has given me a new bike that is why I am very happy today My elder brother sees me the bike because I have got very good marks in my class. My elder brother promised me that if you guys of the best marks I will give you a new bike in this And I did the same, I worked hard day and night and my numbers have come the best and my elder brother also fulfilled his promise and gave me a new bike today Its price is Pakistani which is 8 to ₹ 87200 I show you the pictures of my bike and how I have received it today is a very happy day for me the bike i got is honda 70 Anyway, my elder brother is very good,my elder brother who is in my father's place Let me give you all this message and this garden, there you all try to remember as much as you can, try and read more and more so that you can also get a good mark and the people of the world can get how much knowledge you have.

thanks for my big brother

Today I thank my elder brother who has given me a new bike and that too as a gift. Poetry like my elder brother has some benefit in the world when my hair donation died, after that he raised us, he raised us Always give such brothers to such brothers I pray that God give long life to my brother, give him health and give him successful memories. Ameen


Payment I thank all the members in Pakistan who support me, who support me too, who also like my post and who vote for me, I thank all





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Sorry sir and thanks