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I hope you will be well and happy wherever you are.

I am writing a diary after a long time. This is my life changing diary so let's start.
As many of you know, I was working as a police officer. But I also applied for a US visa and had an interview at the US Embassy on October 8. I didn't really expect my interview to be clear because I wasn't serious about it. Despite all this, I set up Karachi on October 7 and went to Karachi for an interview. I was a little nervous before entering the embassy because I didn't do much preparation for it.

As soon as I entered the embassy, ​​the people who worked there started guiding me. After a long process, it was finally time for my interview and I gave the interview. And I'm so thankful to God that my interview was cleared and my visa was granted. I was very happy. First I called my house and told my mother and she started shedding tears of joy.


As my job here was very good because I was a government employee so a lot of people advised me not to go out but after listening to mixed words I finally decided to go out. I only had fifteen or twenty days. In those days I resigned to my job and got my ticket to the United States. So finally I reached America.

After a very long flight I was very tired. I rested for a few hours and then I went to my university the next day and saw the whole study process there. Everything happened in such a hurry that I did not have time to work on the steemit. I was aware of this because I am a moderator and my presence was very important. On the contrary, I took a break from the steemit for a while and did the work. I am currently studying at one of the best university in America which is a source of pride for me.


I live in a flat where I have a lot of people from other religions and other countries with me. All are flat together and often meet them all. The people who live here are very good-natured. You always see a smile on their face. Whoever I meet so far always shakes hands enthusiastically. Here I often come to the restaurant to eat with some friends. There are also great foods in America that are very tasty.


Friends, this was my journey from Pakistan to America. Remember me in your prayers. God bless you all.

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First of all congratulation sir, May Allah keep you happy in any country of the world. Best of luck InshaAllah very soon you will be succees in your purpose which take to you America


Good diary game. And I pray for you that GOD bless you in foreign country and succeed you more. May ALLAH show his blessing on you

And also congrats


Thank You :)


My Pleasure.

Good hear this and it's really difficult to live alone in abroad but best of luck for your future may God bless you 😊👍

Wonderful! Would love to read more American diaries from you.

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You are a hard working man it seems, I also love traveling and I hope in future I'll be able to travel to the places I always wanted to visit inshAllah.


IA you' ll one day.

Glad to know about your success, its really a right decision when you do what you want, Don't think what people say or suggest In Sha Allah success will be your, My Best wishes.


Thank you for your kind words :)

mashaAllah bhai. Allah aapko aor kaamiabiya de


Jazak Allah Ty :)


No need mere bhai. I've always got your back ❤️

Congratulations on your achievements.
Great diary post

Congratulations Sir. Keep it up great work in all country Sir. My best wishes for you Sir.
Go bless you in every field happy life.

Regards! @arslanaj

Glad to read your diary. Best of luck for your future 👍

First of all congratulations to you. This is great news. Would love to read and know more about America from you.
And I wish you may have a great time there. It's completely a new era for you and may you have so much success.