Steemit Pakistan - Account Statistics - Steemit -Pak Reached 23K Effective SP | 22K-23K in 13 Days | (20% to @pak-charity)

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In this beautiful journey we have seen that our Rank is also Increasing and as we are upvoting quality content our curation is also increasing each and everyday.

Steemit Pakistan Feels Glad to Announce the Statistics of our Community's Official Account @steemit-pak Has reached 23K SP

In just 13 days we have reached up to 23k Sp from 22k SP

The support of @steemcurator01 is the main reason behind the growth of Steemit Pakistan

Here is the screenshot which shows how much we have effective SP right now

with the help of made by @steemchiller

23k - 2.PNG

We have around 23k Total Effective SP out of Which 11,519 SP is its own

No doubt we are growing in a great pace just because our Team has proved to be most Hardworking aswell as encouraging Which makes member more motivated towards engagement in our Community.

Steemit-pak Outgoing Upvotes Graph from 3 April '21 - 17 April '21:

Steemit-pak has been upvoting and support many community members so below we have shared the graph of outgoing upvotes from @steemit-pak with the help Steem Outgoing Voting Report Tool by @justyy


We cannot neglect the support from our delegators (especially @rashid001 with his all SP delegated to us) which will further enhance the motivation of Community Members So, Here we are also Sharing Delegation Proof And statistics.

Delegations Statistics


delegation 2.PNG

Above Screenshot Shows that Our Team has given their Whole Amount of SP to the community Account

usernameAmount of SP

We Really hope to get further delegations which would help us growing more to become self independent.

Steemit Pakistan Growing Fast

Our Subscribers are increasing on daily basis and now it's up to 1K+ members , also on our private Whatsapp Group About 10-20 New comers have joined.

Alongside of the Team our members are working constantly to promote Steemit in Pakistan which shows the capability and enthusiasm of Pakistani People.

Steemit Pakistan Contests :

The Contest are the biggest reason how we increased number of active members, Its getting inside our routine to distribute prize among winners which is a great achievement for us. We have arranged about 4 contests which will be held of Weekly basis so to provide you guys further chance of increasing your reputation as well as your SP

The reason why we urge Members to do Powerup

The main reason is that By growing All community member's SP we can increase Rewards inside the Community And so to support other new comers independently

Stats Reference

Words of Appreciation:

We would love to Give Special Thanks to Steemit Team for their continuous support to Steemit Pakistan Our team members are working Continuously with your support.

We hope that you will continue your support towards our community.


Delegate Steem Power To @steemit-pak and Show Your SUPPORT

100 SP250 SP500 Sp1000 SP

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thats great it is going good soon we will reach 100k no that far

That's great Achievement 🔥. Many more to come inshallah ♥️.

That is simply amazing to see the growth of Pakistan community. Next target is 50k and I am sure that will be achieved soon.

Keep up the good work.