Steemit Pakistan - Weekly Engagement Topic Contest #Week-4 | Additional Upvotes From Sc02 | How will you use the Trx given to you ?

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Steemit Pakistan feels glad to announce this interesting topic which would be giving us much more participants than any other because of the recent integration of Trx here on steemit.

Many people have many plans Some plan to withraw those Trx , many would be staking it for future selling when the rate gets high, Many would be buying TRX for Staking and Some would be like us Who wants to Do more powerup With it.

Lets see what you guys have in your mind about it.

The best part of this contest is @steemcurator02 will be giving upvotes to the winners.

on the other hand @steemcurator01 will be visiting the entries as they do always.

Afterall by having your opinions Steemit team ( @steemitblog , @steemcurator01 ) can make further enhancements which would be benefitial for both Steemitians and Steemit Team and the future of Steemit.

Lets come to the contest rules and regulations.


  • This contest is open for Entire steemit Family.
  • You must write an article of 300 words in your Article
  • Upvote , Comment and resteem Contest Post
  • Make sure to post in STEEMIT PAKISTAN Community
  • Use #weekly-engagement tag and your country #pakistan Tag in first five tags in your post .
  • Entries are only applicable from 16th Dec to 22th Dec.
  • Only allowed one post per one participant
  • Comment the link to your entry below in this post, once it is done.

Topics which you can cover (Optional not cumpolsary)

  • How much Trx you have right now
  • How will you increase your TRX
  • Plans About future
  • A Self made image which shows your love with TRX and Steem
  • Rates predictions
  • Suggestions , Recommendations and Opinions
  • Conclusion

How to Select Winners?

We will select 5 places according to the Engagement on your post and the presentation. Along with the quality of your post, the more comments you have on your post, the better your chances of winning, so make sure to comment on each other's posts.
Each entry deserves a vote.


1st Place - 10 steem
2nd Place - 6 steem
3rd Place - 3 steem
4rth Place - 2 steem
5th Place - 1 steem

Additional Upvotes As a Prize From @steemcurator02

These votes will be increased by 10% if the posts are set to Power Up 100% and the person is not powering down at the same time.

So, Lets Get started from now.

Words of Appreciation:
We would love to Give Special Thanks to @steemcurator01 @steemcurator02 and @steemitblog for their continuous support to Steemit Pakistan Our team members are working Continuously with your support.

We hope that you will continue your support towards our community.

Don't hesitate to comment if you have any queries.


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This is an exciting and excellent way to foster engagements among members of this community. Thank you @steem-pak for this contest. I have been able to write and Post my entry.
here is the link to my entry

Thank you all the opportunity like this.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable


Best of luck and thanks for participation

I will take participate in this and what is my plan i will try to explain in post

Another great contest. I will definitely participate in it😊.

Wow what an interesting topic. Surely gonna participate :)
#onepercent #pakistan

Can we participate every day or just once a week?


written in the rules 1 post per participant 😉


You haven't reesteemed the post yet, Its written in the rules :) Dont forget to do it once you see the reply

It is a great contest. I will try to participate this contest.


looks like you forgot to reesteem this post :)


Yes , but I have done it now.


Good :)
Best of luck and thanks for participation

¡Buenas tardes! ¡Excelente concurso! Me gusto mucho participar y dar mi opinión sobre esta increíble unión y estoy muy emocionada por leer las opiniones de los demás :D

Aquí dejo mi entrada y no hay problema, esta en ingles :)


Best of luck and thanks for participation

Here is my entry, click here


Best of luck and thanks for participation

Woww nice theme of the conteet as ususal. Will be taking part soon.

This contest is cool.
I will be right back with my entry.


Best of luck and thanks for participation


Thank You !


Looks like you forgot to Reesteem the contest post :)


@steemit-pak so sorry for that did not remember but have done that now

Here is the link to my entry.


Best of luck and thanks for participation


This is my entry to the contest here


looks like you forgot to reesteem


Oh!!, thanks for the correction.
Amendment made, the post has been reesteem by me


Best of luck and thanks for participation

However i would suggest you to dont use irrelevant tags like you have used mytownin10pix tag in your post


@steem-park, thanks for visiting.
Alright i will fix it right away, just that it was automatically included by the system due to the fact that i used the tags in the body of my post.


Best of luck and thanks for participation

here is my participation for the Contest

@steemit-pak, this my entry to the context here