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Hello everyone!!!!!

Hope you all are doing well and enjoying your lifes. Today I will share about my mother language in this post. Before starting the post I would like to thanks @steemit-pak for creating such an amazing contest for us.

Let's start:



Mother language is also called mother tounge and it is referred as first language.
Mother language is the first language which a child receives from mother naturally. A child from the time of birth can hears the language of their parents. Mother language has great importance in the child's life because he/she imitates whatever they see or hear.

Language is basically a source or medium of communication. By Language we can communicate our ideas, desires and also share our experiences to other people of society.


My mother is belong to "kanpur",city of India. She is urdu speaking . So, my mother language is urdu. I was born in Karachi and Urdu is considered as the official language of Pakistan .

Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. It is mixture of persian, arabic and various local languages.



Mother language is plays very important role in child's overall development . If a child is fluent in his mother tongue it will benefit him in many ways like personal,cultural and social identity.
It helps child to develop critical thinking and cognitive skills. In research it shows that if a child studied in his mother tongue the rate of educational success is higher than those who use other medium.

Mother tongue play important role in connecting us to our culture and keep our culture alive.

In my opinion it is matter of pride that if person is fluent in his mother tounge. It boosts confidence in his personality. I am also encourage to learn second language as well but never forget the value of your first language in your life.

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Now a day I have seen many people who are not comfortable with their native language and can prefer other than language over their mother tongue. I am not against to learn second language , a person should learn as many language as he can easily ,it will definitely help him in his life. I only want to say that never disgrate your mother language . Feel positive and proud on your mother tounge.

Thank you for reading my post and hope you like it.


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I only want to say that never disgrate your mother language . Feel positive and proud on your mother tounge.

I totally agree with your point of view. Nice post best of luck for the contest 👍


Thanks 😊

Its true never disgrate your mother language well done 👍👍 explain very clearly , brilliant job 👍 all the best for contest


Thank you so much dear.

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Please check I have added achievement 1 post link.

You wrote it Beautifully. I hope you will win. Best of luck for the contest.

My mother is belong to "kanpur",city of India

I didn't know nano is from there. 😃


Thanks alot alot.